Chapter 2: Welcome to Shanghai

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After few minutes they arrive at their destination.A butler opened the gate and let them in.Yibo's eyes widened when he saw the house,which was surrounded by a large gate and a wall.There was a magnificent two storey house at the far end of the garden.Home garden was quite vast and beautifully designed.Yibo saw a swing and few wooden benches in a quite,green and flourishing setting.He thought it would be great to read a book here in his leisure time,because he loves reading.On the left side of the garden he notice few outdoor excercise machines.His eyes twinkled with joy.

They were welcomed by a lovely woman in her fifties.
"Hi Linwen.It's been a long time.Have you been well? And is this Yibo?"

"Yes aunty.This is Yibo.The one I told you about."

"Hi dear! You are such a sweet boy.I heard it's your first time visiting here.Welcome to Shanghai."
She said with a warm smile.

"Thank you Mrs.Xiao."
Yibo uttered politely while bowing.

"Come on dear.Don't be so formal.Call me aunty."

"Yes aunty."Yibo smiled.

The lady led them to the living room and three of them sat down on the couch.

"You know that we didn't let anyone stay here except you and Jiang.But I couldn't refuse your request when I heard about Yibo's situation."
She said kindly while looking at Yibo.

When Mrs.Xiao got to know about Yibo's father's death and how he found a job by giving up his studies in order to take care of his ill mother and little brother,she felt sad for him.

"Yes aunty.You were a great help.It is his first time visiting here and he is not familiar here cuz I was reluctant to keep him in an unknown place.More than that,it is convenient for him because his office is within walking distance from here.That's why I was desperate and asked you for a favor."

"Don't worry Linwen. At home ,it's just me, A-Cheng and the little one.So Yibo make you feel like home dear.okay?Tell me if you need anything."

"Thanks aunty."
A warm smile appeared on Yibo's face.

"Yanli said she would come after a few weeks. What about Zhan? Hasn't he graduated yet?"

"He graduated last week Linwen. He'll be here in a couple of weeks.He wants to open a studio after all."

"No wonder.He is always interested in that aspect.Even his degree is related to photography."

While Linwen and Mrs.Xiao catch up with each other, Yibo's eyes wondered around the place, playing with his fingers.

The interiors were extremely modern and elegant. Also it appears to be ravishing. Yibo overheard their conversion while wandering his eyes around the place.

"It reminds me of how he threw tantrums at you when me and Jiang first moved here, claiming he doesn't want outsiders to disturb his peaceful life."
Linwen chuckled as he remembered that day.

"Yes, that brat is really stubborn.I didn't tell him I let someone stay here again, so he will have another tantrum again after being here."
Mrs.Xiao burst out of laughing.

"But Cheng says otherwise.He is very happy to have another gege.He always complains about how boring it is to be in home alone."

Linwen, who had been chatting for a while halt for lunch at Mrs.Xiao's request.After lunch,he got ready to leave.

"How is mian's condition?"
Mrs.Xiao finally asked about Linwen's wife's condition.Linwen's face saddened with the question.

"She is suffering a lot aunty,both physically and mentally.It's too much for her to endure."
Linwen uttered sadly.

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