Chapter 19: After the Sunset

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Zhan, who was sucking Yibo's throat, suddenly pulled away from Yibo as if remembering something. His eyes were suddenly filled with guilt as he looked at Yibo. On the other hand, Yibo was still dizzy, trying to figure out what had happened to Zhan suddenly, who looked like a possessed soul.

"Let's go!" Zhan came out while holding his umbrella. Yibo, who was still stupefied but pulled himself together and followed him when he saw Zhan was going to leave. By then, the rain began to eased off. No one uttered a word on their way. Yibo felt awkward, so he tried to not get too close to Zhan, causing him to get wet. Zhan saw that, so he put his arm around Yibo's shoulder and pulled him near to his chest. When Yibo and Zhan arrived, everyone else was waiting the rain to stop.

Yibo joined with them and sat down. Yanli gave two face towels to Zhan and Yibo. But Yibo seemed like still in a different world. He only wiped his face and returned it to Yanli.

"I gave it to dry your hair. Are you gonna get sick?" Yanli nagged at him and started to dry his hair with the towel. Yibo sighed realizing his stupidity and let her. Yibo felt the motherly care from Yanli.

After Yanley wiped his head, Yibo thanked her. Then he saw Ziyi looked at him all this time with a naughty smirk. Yibo became more irritated.

"What?" He mouthed her annoyingly.

"Why were you late? What exactly did you two do?" Ziyi asked blinking her eyes.

"Nothing! What can I do with him?" Yibo answered, avoiding her eyes.

"Okay! I can see that, with your swollen lips and with those hickeys." She sarcastically pointed to his exposed neck. Yibo's face turned red. He quickly pulled his collar properly. Yibo knows that his lips are swollen and the neck is bruised. It's so obvious to Ziyi's sharp eyes. But he is embarrassed to speak about what happened.

"Okay, It must be a mosquito then. What a fiery mosquito. They've even turned purple." She teased him.

"Ok you won. Now stop it." He whined.

About half an hour later, the rain had stopped and the sun began to rise again. They hurried to the peak as the sun would set in about an hour. But they were afraid that the rainy clouds would prevent them from viewing the sunset. But in the meantime, the heavy rain clouds had disappeared and the sky was clear again. The whole sky was turning yellow and orange. When watching from the peak, they could see that the mountain was covered with fog with the  caused by the rain. It was a fascinating scenery.

 It was a fascinating scenery

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