Chapter 12: Worried

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"My baby bun!" Yibo heard cute giggles of Zhan and little Yuan as soon as he entered the living room after returning home with Yanli. He saw Zhan sitting in living room with A-Yuan in his arms. Their eyes met, but Zhan quickly averted his gaze. Yibo got confused why Zhan avoided his eyes suddenly.

Yibo had a quick bath and came back to living room. When Cheng noticed Yibo, he invited him to play vedio games. Yibo was free at the moment and he was feeling bored, so both of them started to play and have fun. After a while Zhan came down and spotted Yibo and Cheng playing games. Zhan got angry and screamed at them.

"Cheng!" Both Yibo and Cheng were startled of the sudden scream.

"You have exams next week and here you're playing games. Go and study before I'm going to crush the player!" Zhan roared.

Cheng is a very stubborn kid. He is only afraid of Zhan, and only Zhan can handle him. Even Mrs. Xiao can't. But on the other hand, Yanli always spoils him and Mrs.Xiao always shout at Yanli on that.

Cheng shuttered at his Gege's anger. He was well aware what will happen if he doesn't listen to him. So he stopped playing like an obedient puppy and went to his room to study. After Cheng left, Zhan left without even looking at Yibo.

Yibo came to the garden and sat on the swing. It was his fav place after all. He started swinging slowly while staring at the night sky. He was confused and upset at the same time. Past few days he had a chance to get close with Zhan but now it became like before. Zhan don't even look at him and totally ignoring him.

"What's wrong with him suddenly?" While Yibo engrossed in thoughts Yanli came and sit beside him.

Yanli's face is not look too good. Even when they are on the way from Yibo's office Yibo saw Yanli's phone ringing continuously. Yanli's face became tensed when she answered the calls. But she tried hard to be normal when she came home. She was good at hiding her pains and problems. But Yibo guessed there must be something wrong in the office.

"Something happened right Jie? You look so tensed." Yibo asked in a concerned voice.

"Is it obvious? But I tried my best to stay normal in front of them."

"Care to share?" Yibo asked.

"Mn. I only have you to share anyway. I can't share this with my family. They will get furious.  Specially Zhan. We can't control him when he get outraged. You know he has a bad temper. Mother will think about it so much and will be sick. She always worried too much about us." Yanli took a deep breath and continued.

"Yuchen has two bothers. His father divided his businesses to three brothers equally in his will. But they are addicted to gambling and sold their company to pay the debts after a period of time. Now they're interfering to my business indirectly, by arising internal problems in the company. They're playing dirty. Their target is to own our company too. I can't let that happen. The heir of the company is my son, and it is the only gift for my little Yuan from his deceased father. It was the Yuchen's will. Yuchen worked so hard to bring the company to where it is today. So I need to protect it at any cost. I have few trusted people in the company. They always help me. So I'm bit relieved. But I can't do it anymore Yibo. I'm so tired. It's difficult to always act strong. I'm stressed out."
Yanli put her head on Yibo's shoulder and started to sob. Yibo can feel her pain. He really admired Yanli how strong she is, she is managing his husband's company without anyone's help, at the same time she didn't forget to look after her family when she is away from home. She didn't even get married after his husband's death and decided to take care of her son on her own with the help of her family. She leaves his still-infant son with his mother with difficulty and she visits her son only in every few weeks. Life must he really hard for her. But she was alone and facing challenges in a strong way by working hard. But there is a limit that a human can bear. So he can understand. But anyhow Yibo felt happy that his Jie decided to share her pain with him.

"You're not alone Jie. We are always here for you. You can always share your problems with me. You'll feel better when you're sharing with someone."
Yibo used to believe that wealthy people are happier. But now he realized that no matter how much money people have, it is hard to be happy without peace of mind.

Yanli was still leaning her head against Yibo's shoulder. Yibo didn't utter a word. He let her cry until she felt better. At that very moment, Zhan came to the balcony with a beer in his hand. He looked at Yanli, who was leaning on Yibo's shoulder with her closed eyes. Then he looked at Yibo, whose gaze was fixed on him. Zhan quickly averted his gaze and went inside as if he didn't saw them.


As long as Yanli was there, she continued to pick up Yibo from the office in the evening. Some days there were times, even Yibo refused, she brought him office even in the morning. She always mention that she is responsible for Yibo's safety.

"Your uncle will kill me if something happened to you again." Yanli always uttered when Yibo refused her help. So Yibo didn't argue further cuz he did not want to offend Yanley.

Zhan knew Yanli and Yibo were close, but he never imagined they were this close. Except for her friends and family, Yanli is not someone who gets too close to other men. Zhan realized this was the first time Yanli had been so close to a man other than her friends. And this is the first time Yanli has been home since Zhan returned. So now only, Zhan has seen how close and caring Yanli is with Yibo.

Yibo and Yanli shared simillar hobbies and interests. So they got along with each other very well. When they have a free time they sat on benches in the yard and read books. Sometimes they played cards when Mrs.Xiao and Cheng often joined with them. After Yibo returned from work they chatted until dinner time. Somedays they watched movies until midnight. Cheng didn't forget to join with them during those times. Yibo always had a quality time with that family except Zhan. Zhan always watched them having a good time. He loves his sister more than anything. So he is relieved that Yanli was happier and more relaxed than in past after Yibo's arrival. Meanwhile Yanli didn't forget to talked with Zhan regularly and helped a lot with his new studio in particular.

On the other hand, the relationship between Yibo and Zhan was even worse than before. Zhan constantly avoided Yibo's eyes. He got to the point where he didn't speak a word with Yibo. Yibo tried to talk with him but it didn't work cuz Zhan avoided him at all costs.

Little by little Zhan's behavior began to change. Zhan was not always at home and it was very late at night when he return home every day. Every night he came home very drunk. Mrs.Xiao and Yanli was so worried with his sudden change of behavior. They asked Zhan if there was a problem with him. But he said nothing. When they asked why he drinks like an alcoholic every day, he made petty excuses like, "Today I went to a party and had a drink," "Today I went to the club with friends that's why i'm drunk", "Opening a new studio is not easy like he thought and the work is stressful, so I drank a bit to relieve my stress". Like this, he always gave similar excuses and claimed that he was perfectly fine. Yibo was in an unfathomable state as a result of Zhan's behavior. He was so worried and heartbroken.

 He was so worried and heartbroken

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To be continued...


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