Chapter 11: Feeling Guilty

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"Where is your evil rabbit? Didn't he come to drop you off today? "
Seeing that Yibo had walked to the office in the morning, Kuan asked with a teasing voice.

"Do you think Gege is jobless? Why does he have to come, when the morning is well lit."For the first time, Kuan and Ziyi heard Yibo call him "Gege". At the same time, Kuan and Ziyi burst into laughter.

"Hahaha Yibo. Now he is your Gege. It's no longer the evil rabbit, nasty bunny, or the cold prince.You used to use all those names when you were cursing him. "

"He is not that bad. He just has a nasty temper sometimes." Yibo muttered in a low voice.

"Is that so? Then why don't you explain to us why your eyes literally send red hearts towards him as soon as you see his figure? " Ziyi asked with a smirk.

"Do you really have nothing to say to us?" Kuan added.

Yibo took a deep breath. He knew he couldn't escape from them.

"Am I that obvious?" Yibo asked with his puppy doe eyes. The other two almost melt with the sight.

"of course you are." Both said it in unison.

He took another deep breath and decided to tell them what's on his mind. When he sees Zhan, how his heartbeat become fast, how he loves his companion, how he enjoys his warmth, how safety and comfy he feels when Zhan is around him. Yibo shared all those things on his mind with Ziyi and Haikuan.

"Congrats. You're in love with him Yibo!" Ziyi replied with a sweet smile.

"Do you think so too?" Yibo uttered while sighing,

" Yeah. Indeed. So what's the problem now?"
Kuan asked.

"Are you guys okay with that? I mean, is it normal? He is a boy, and me too. I hadn't had this type of feeling before." Yibo asked, looking down while playing with his fingers.

"What's wrong with that? Love means love. It doesn't matter the gender." Ziyi replied with an assured smile.

"We are always here for you, my friend. You know that right? So what are you going to do now? "Kuan asked him.

" Nothing. I don't want anyone to know about that."

"Why?" Ziyi asked while frowning.

"Gege doesn't talk to me unless it is necessary. I don't know what kind of person he really is. And I only know few things about him. I don't even know if he has a girlfriend or not. More than that, everyone in the house treats me like I'm a member of their family. Aunty Xiao is like a mother to me. What will happen if they found out about this. How do I face them? I feel so guilty about that." Yibo sighed.

"I understand what you mean. Why don't you try to get closer to Zhan? First, try to understand what kind of person he is. Then find out how he feels about you. "

"How can I do that? He is not talkative at all. If I asked him something he would simply nod or reply in one or two words. So I can't start a conversation with him at all."

"Oh come on Yibo. You're such a sweet boy. You will be able to melt his heart." No matter how much Kuan and Ziyi said, Yibo had no confident on it. That is because Yibo knows about Zhan's personality. And he doesn't want to be selfish by only focusing on his feelings. He should think about the other members in that house who treat him so well. Yibo was afraid to think about how they would react if they found out what was on his mind. So Yibo decided to wait and thought time will eventually give him an answer.


Yibo searched for Mr.Lan after leaving the office and was surprised to see Mr.Lan had been replaced by Zhan again. His face bloomed with joy as soon as he saw him.

"Here comes your prince." Ziyi teased him.

Yibo waved goodbye to them and dashed over to Zhan, where he hopped on the bike. Yibo wrapped his arms around Zhan and hugged him tightly even before Zhan told him to. Soft smile appeared on Zhan's face cuz of Yibo's this cute behavior.

In that way Zhan ended up picking Yibo for days. Yibo didn't ask why Zhan was coming instead of Uncle Lan and Yibo actually didn't want to know as he only needed Zhan. It's been a big deal for Yibo to be able to cuddle with Zhan at least for two or three minutes anyway. Those few minutes were the happiest moment of the day for him.

Yibo eyes are used to search for Zhan as soon as he exit the office. In one day as usual he left the work and searched for Zhan as soon as he came outside. But instead of Zhan he saw Yanli's car parked in the outside. Yibo felt a sudden pang in his heart because he knew Yanli would come to pick him up voluntarily as long as she was here. As soon as Yanli saw Yibo coming outside the office she offered him the usual warm smile and waved to him. With a heavy sigh Yibo forced a sweet smile and hop on the car.

"When did you came JieJie?" He asked her.

"In the morning dear. You were injured but you didn't even told me. If mom didn't told what happened, i don't know until today." She pouted.

"Ah..It's not a big deal. Only a small injury. I don't want jie to be worry. That's why I didn't tell you." Yibo replied.

"It's okay. But don't do that again ok? I will be here for three weeks. I'll come every day to pick you up so don't worry." As Yanli said that Yibo's heart ached, remembering Zhan's warmth. He already miss him.

To be continued...


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