Chapter 38: Sudden News

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Yibo was hugging little Yuan in his arms while throwing tantrum saying he need to go with Zhan as it will be boring to stay home. Little pie is hugging Yibo's neck as if his life depend on it. Yibo feed his milk bottle and Mrs.Xiao tried to take him from Yibo's arms after he finished feeding but the toddler cried as he didn't want to leave from Yibo's arms. This was a frequent sight in this house as Yuan always too fond with Zhan and Yibo and never wanted to leave them when he is in their arms.

"But when I'm busy you'll be boring." Zhan stated as he really wanted Yibo to have a bed rest at home.

"That's fine gege. I just want to stay near you." Yibo pouted.

"Okay, fine, then get ready, you stubborn brat." Zhan kissed his forehead and little Yuan's cheek as he took Yuan into his arms so Yibo could get ready.

Yibo went along with Zhan to his studio. Yibo was still limping so Zhan gave him a piggy back to him as he love to spoil his baby. Yibo noticed that the gift he had given to Zhan on the day of the opening ceremony had been placed on Zhan's office table.

Zhan was busy working on his laptop until the noon. Yibo was watching a movie because he was bored as Zhan was busy. But he didn't forget to steel glances at his sexy gege who was looking hot as fuck with his reading glasses on. Zhan was wearing a black shirt that looked so damn hot on him with first few buttons undone, exposing his well-built bear chest, which made Yibo salivated on the sight. Even the image of Zhan in reading glasses make Yibo's heart leap. Zhan looked so focused on his work, calm and collected. But Yibo had a quick flashback of their wild night making him so red.

"Where is your mind running?" Zhan smirked glancing at Yibo as if he was reading his mind.

"N-nothing." Yibo shuttered and buried his face to his phone, hiding his red face. Zhan just chuckled.

Zhan didn't forget to take care of Yibo in between his work. He didn't even let Yibo to go to the washroom by himself. He carried him there. He even spoon-feed him the lunch. Yibo was still having sore muscles but not as bad as in the morning.

Yibo was sitting in the sofa after the lunch. He got up and walk towards Zhan while limping. He wanted  to look closely at Zhan's face and admire him at his hearts content. Zhan, who was preoccupied with his work, didn't notice his puppy approaching him until Yibo dumped his ass next to him.

"Why are you walking around? I told you to call me if you want to move somewhere." Zhan scolded him. Yibo pouted like a scolded puppy but he moved to Zhan's lap ignoring Zhan's rant.

"I'm sleepy. Let me sleep." He cooed, nuzzling against Zhan's neck. On the other hand Zhan was awed. Of course he love to cuddle his baby. But Yibo was pressing ass against his crotch intentionally or unintentionally.

Baby you!"
Zhan groaned.

"Shut up!" Yibo spats before smashing his lips against him where latter gladly return the kiss. His puppy becoming bold day by day.

"Your ass on my dick won't do good." Zhan whispered in husky voice when Yibo broke the kiss.

"Moreover you're still sore."
He continued kissing his neck.

"Don't hope too much. I told ya... You won't be able to touch me for a week." Yibo mumbled in sleepy voice.

"No! You're kidding right?" Zhan whimpered, but feeling Yibo's soft breath against his neck he realized Yibo had already fallen asleep. Zhan smiled softly. He knew Yibo was tired since he didn't let his baby sleep as they made love until dawn.


Few months passed peacefully without a serious incident. At the time, the studio became well-known as a result of Zhan and Yubin's efforts and incredible abilities. Because they were unable to handle the workload, they increased their staff by hiring two new employees: an editor and a young lady for the front desk.

As Zhan and Yubin got busier, Zhan spent less time at home. He has to spend more time in the studio and at various events. No matter how busy he was, Zhan never forgot to be with Yibo and look after him. And so is A-Yuan. He never forget to pamper the little one whenever he got chance, parenting him to remove the void of being him fatherless.

Even when Zhan was late due to work, he never forgot to check on Yuan before going to bed. He always went to Yuan to kiss the sleeping baby's forehead and properly tuck him before going to Yibo to cuddle with him and fall asleep.

Yibo felt a warm sensation when he saw the way Zhan take care of Yuan. Because Zhan was very fond of little ones, someday after they get married Yibo got a strong desire to adopt a child. But he knew Yuan was Zhan's everything and being separated from him might cause Zhan to have a mental breakdown. Even the thought of being separated from their little pie drove Yibo insane since Yibo has grown fond of him as well. Even Yibo was now the one who put the baby to sleep at night. Yuan don't need anyone when he was with Yibo and Zhan. He doesn't even wants his mom. He never get anxiety when Yanli was away but when Zhan was away from home when he was studying at the university, the little one had anxiety attack and became ill. Since then Zhan never forget to talk with Yuan in video call everyday.


It was a Sunday. Yibo was going to the studio in every weekend as he was free in weekends. Zhan was preoccupied with work as usual and Yibo was having a chat with Yubin. But he suddenly received a call which made him collapse in the floor immediately immediately due to the unexpected news.

To be continued...

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