Chapter 24: Taking Care

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"Let's wake him up. He needs to eat something and take medicine." They tried to wake him up, but Yibo never got up. He just mumbled in his sleep as he couldn't eat. Yanli and Zhan had no choice but to forcefully shove medicine into Yibo's mouth, who was still half-sleeping.

Everyone had dinner and went back home. Yubin dropped Ziyi with Mr.Lan.

After everyone went to sleep, Zhan came back to see Yibo. Yanli was already in Yibo's room, changing the wet towel on his forehead. Zhan asked Yanli to go and take a rest and that he would take care of Yibo. Yanli felt relieved as Zhan now treats Yibo like he was a family member just like everyone else in the house. Because he didn't seem like Yibo in the beginning.

After Yanli left room Zhan placed the towel in Yibo's forehead. His fingers ran through Yibo's soft hair while stroking Yibo's head and pecked his chubby cheek. Afraid that Yibo would get high fever at night, Zhan stayed with Yibo whole night while changing his towels without leaving Yibo's room.

The next day, Yibo got up with a rumbling stomach. It was then that Yibo noticed Zhan was sleeping, sitting on the floor, with his head resting on Yibo's bed. Yibo can tell in one glance that Zhan took care of him the whole night. Not even a minute later, Yibo covered his mouth with his hand and dashed to the bathroom.

Zhan jerked up when Yibo ran toward the bathroom. He got up and ran behind Yibo. Yibo was throwing up when Zhan entered the bathroom. Zhan patted Yibo's back until he threw up. He helped Yibo to wash his mouth and face because he could say Yibo was trembling. Yibo doesn't want to be this weak in front of Zhan but he can't do anything. He wanted to protest but but he didn't have the energy. So he let Zhan do as he pleased. Zhan assisted him in walking to the room, where he discovered that Yibo's fever had returned to high again. Zhan changed Yibo's towels the whole night and tried to subside the fever, but by morning, his fever had increased again.

Zhan immediately called Dr.Kim and requested Mrs.Lan to prepare a warm milk for Yibo. After that he placed Yibo's head on his lap and applied a menthol balm in his forehead and massaged thoroughly. He took Yuan's baby cologne which given by Yanli last night and applied to Yibo's scalp while caressing his head gently.

"God! I'm in his lap." Yibo cried internally. He wanted to move but his body was too weak to handle. Yibo closed his eyes, wouldn't dare to look at Zhan's eyes and waited for Zhan to do whatever he wanted. Actually Yibo felt somewhat better after Zhan's care.

No matter  how much Zhan thought that he would stay away from Yibo and tried to avoid him at all cost but every time something happened and he had to get involved. How could he avoid Yibo when he was sick and in pain? Most importantly when he has a guilty conscience as he thought this happened as a result of his actions.

Mrs.Lan entered the room with a glass of milk in her hand. "Oh my boy!" She kept the glass in bed side table and caressed his head. Yibo looked so pale. Mrs.Lan felt like Yibo had lost weight in these two days.

"Will he willing to drink this? Yanli said he avoids food after all." Mrs.Lan asked worriedly.

"We have to feed him at least this somehow. He hadn't eaten anything all day and was still throwing up. We can't let him in empty stomach. Dr.Kim will be here in any minute. So let's feed him this first." Zhan uttered.

They struggled so much to feed Yibo the glass of milk. Yibo was so stubborn and cried like a baby as if he had been poisoned, spilling the milk all over there. Zhan tightly held Yibo without giving him a chance to get free and Mrs.Lan fed the milk forcefully. Zhan and Mrs.Lan were totally exhausted after the mission.

After Yanli woke up she also came to Yibo's room to check on him. At that time doctor was already there and checking Yibo. He gave him an injection, a saline and other medications for fever and gastritis then advices him to bed rest for few days.

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