Chapter 23: Back to Shanghai

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"Jie." Zhan spoke as soon as Yibo let go of Yanli's hug. Yanli turned around when she heard Zhan's voice.

"Mom asked everyone to join for lunch. We must depart after lunch or we will be late. Everyone has to go to work tomorrow."

"All right, let's go." Yanli spoke up, but Zhan had already left the room.

"Let's go, Yibo. You did not eat last night, and did not eat this morning either. You must eat something and drink medicine. You'll get worse if you starve like this. Now first of all go and wash your face. Otherwise everyone will notice that you have cried." Yanli patted Yibo's head. Yibo nodded and went straight to the bathroom and thoroughly washed his face.

"How are you now?" Ziyi asked as soon as Yibo came to the dining room.

"I'm alright. Just the headache."

"You look pale. I think you have fever. Have you taken any medicine?"

"Not yet. Mom already gave med. Gonna take it after lunch."

"Okay, now eat. It's not good to take med in empty stomach. You can have a nap on the way. If it hasn't subsided take a leave tomorrow. I'll manage the work in the office." Ziyi said abd Yibo nodded as a reply.

"Did you talk with Yubin? Don't be angry with him. That boy has nothing to do with what happened. Besides, Yubin is a very good person." Yibo whispered to Ziyi after noticing Yubin's  continuous gaze at Ziyi while having lunch.

"I know. I talked to him. I apologized from both."

"That's good." Yibo already realized that Yubin is really like Ziyi. But, because the two of them aren't particularly close, Yibo wanted to give them a chance to get closer.

After the lunch Yubin came to Yibo and handed him a small bag which contains medicine for the cold and fever. Yibo didn't think much and thanked him but only Yubin knew he wasn't the one who bought medicine to Yibo, he was simply a delivery person.

After lunch, they immediately left Wuyuan, afraid that they would be late and exhausted because tomorrow is a working day and everyone must report to work.

Yanli and Mrs.Xiao thanked yibo's mother for the great hospitality. She cooked lunch for the entire team even when she was sick. Yibo's mother also expressed her gratitude for taking such good care of Yibo.

Yanli and Mrs.Xiao consoled Linwen and his wife as best they could and wished her a speedy recovery, even though they knew it wouldn't happen.

Tears welled up in  Yibo's mother's and brother's eyes as Yibo was saying good bye.

"Yanli jie brought a lot of your favorite toffees, chocolates, and other gifts with her when she returned to China. She brought them especially for you. I saved them and brought them here. They are now in your room. Share with your friends too. There are plenty. Be a good boy. Study well and take care of mom okay?" Yibo patted his little brother's head while hugging him. He hugged and kissed his mother's cheek for one last time before approaching his uncle and aunt. He hugged his aunt with tears in his eyes. It's hard for Yibo to watch the way her aunt is slowly dying. Yibo said goodbye to them and boarded to the vehicle. When he sat on his usual seat, he saw few were already settled in their usual spots. Next Ziyi was about to get to the vehicle when Zhan quickly boarded and sat beside Yibo, on Ziyi's spot.

"???" Both Ziyi and Yibo was dumbfounded. Ziyi's face turned red due to the anger. Yubin realized the situation quickly and dragged Ziyi alongside him to sit beside him in Zhan's seat. If someone saw it everyone would think Zhan and Ziyi exchanged their seats.

Although others could not understand what's going on they remained silent. Ziyi had no choice but to sit beside Yubin and give Yibo a "I'm sorry bro." look. Yibo clenched his teeth. Why the hell Zhan can't let him live in peace? If this happened a few days ago, Yibo would be happy when Zhan was near him. But now it was very uncomfortable because Yibo was now even more frustrated.

On the other hand Yubin was so happy cuz Ziyi was beside him. Yibo at least could happy about them. Now they're having a chance to getting to know each other. Yibo would really liked it if Yubin and Ziyi get together. Yibo knows that Yubin is a very good person and so does Ziyi. They really look cute together. Yibo decided to talk with Yubin, if he is serious with her,  Yibo decided to help him with Ziyi.

He could hear Ziyi and Yubin sharing a conversation. And also he could hear Fei trying to start a conversation with Zhan as Zhan was now seated behind her. Yibo never gave a damn , totally ignoring Zhan's existence beside him, he leaned to the window and closed his eyes. Due to the effect of the med Yibo slowly drifted to sleep.

Yibo who was fast sleep, stirred slightly in sleep when his head swayed and rammed against the window. But he was too tired to consider the matter. It happened every now and then and it's disturbing but Yibo couldn't open his eyes due to the drowsiness consumed him. In next moment he could feel someone shoved his head on a warm and comfy place. Yibo rested his head leaning to the warmth and  fell back into a deep sleep.

Zhan could feel Yibo is still burning as Yibo's forehead was in direct contact with the skin on his neck. Zhan knows that Yibo was stressed because of him. He felt a great pain in heart as he knew that he was the cause of Yibo's illness. Zhan put his arm around Yibo's waist and embraced him tightly. Yibo thought that Zhan's shoulder was just like his pillow, as if he was just in bed, he slept soundly, curled up in that warmth. Zhan knew he will sleep like this after taking medicine that's why he decided to sat beside Yibo.

At around 8 p.m they returned to Shanghai, Zhan's house. Even when everyone get off from the vehicle Yibo was sleeping soundly on Zhan's shoulder. When Ziyi tried to wake up Yibo, Zhan stopped her. After everyone got off,  Zhan carefully carried Yibo without disturbing his sleep.

Ziyi and Yanli went behind Zhan and entered to Yibo's room. After Zhan tucked him to sleep, Yanli checked his temperature.

"He is still burning. May be due to the fatigue, fever hasn't gone down. Let's call Doctor Kim and ask him to come." Yanli uttered worriedly.

Zhan nodded as a reply and left without wasting another minute to call Dr. Kim, their family doctor.

"Tomorrow I'll inform the office that Yibo was sick. If he wake up tomorrow morning and tries to go office don't let him." Ziyi asked Yanli.

"Don't worry about that. We'll look after him. You should leave after dinner. I'll ask Mrs.Lan to set the dining table. After dinner,  Mr.Lan will drop you off." Ziyi nodded. Mrs.Lan had already prepared the dinner because they called and informed her beforehand.

"Jie Dr. Kim is unavailable. He went to see an emergency patient who was not in the neighborhood. He stated that he would arrive in the morning. What do we do now?" Zhan asked worriedly.

To be continued...

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