Chapter 8: Sudden Attack

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Zhan and Yubin is working together. So most of the time Yubin was with Zhan and Yubin often came home with Zhan. However, when compared to Zhan Yubin has a completely different personality. He is extremely kind and friendly. Even at the first encounter, Yibo got along with Yubin pretty smoothly. Yibo realized that Yubin is a very close with everyone in the house because he is Zhan's best friend. Yibo was relieved that at least Yubin is not like Zhan.

Because of the busyness, Zhan rarely attended to the dining table to eat with them. But when he came, he ate quietly in obedient way. That appeals to Yibo as well. Anyway even at this very moment they haven't spoken a single word yet. But Yibo never forget to sneak a peek at Zhan when they are in the dining table but Zhan never steals glances at him but instead directly looks at his eyes. Yibo always flinched and averted his gaze when Zhan was doing so. It is because Yibo couldn't  bear the look in Zhan's beautiful glowing eyes.

For the past few days Yibo has been wondering why his heartbeat changes when it comes to Zhan, the cold-hearted bunny

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For the past few days Yibo has been wondering why his heartbeat changes when it comes to Zhan, the cold-hearted bunny. And what ever the reason, Yibo finds it difficult to go through the day without seeing Zhan's face at least once. So Yibo is now experiencing these weird feelings which he never felt before and realized he has a crush on him. But Yibo decided to keep his cool cuz Zhan never spoke a word with him So, if Zhan realize Yibo has a crush on him, Yibo knows he will not think twice to kick him out of the house. Well that's how our poor BoBo is thinking.

It was a Tuesday. Yibo got late to wake up because he forgot to set the alarm last night. So he couldn't go to exercise today. He had no idea Zhan was in the usual spot in the balcony, waiting for him. Yibo got dressed and came to the dining table. When Zhan saw Yibo, he gave him a sharp, penetrating look that made his heart pound cuz of that dark, beautiful orbs. Yibo composed himself , walked in and sat down, as if he didn't notice Zhan's stare.

"ZhanZhan I think this place is so good." Mrs.Xiao returned Zhan's phone after checking the photos of the location Zhan looked for his new studio.

"Yes mom. Yubin said it's better than the places we've seen so far. I'll go and check the place this evening. If it's satisfactory, I'll sign the lease agreement today as well." Zhan replied while munching his food. Yibo's gaze fixed on the Zhan's bunny teeth that were visible when he is talking. 'cute' he remarked in his mind.

After few seconds their little munchkin, A-yuan started crying loudly.

"It's earlier than usual. He is already awake?" Mrs.Xiao was about to go look for Yuan but Zhan stopped her and went instead.

"My baby boy waky,waky.." Zhan came to the dining room with the little peanut in his arms. Zhan's expressions totally change when he is with the little yuan. Yuan snuggle into Zhan's neck with his small hooded eyes. He was still sleepy. With a soft smile in his face, Yibo watched how Zhan pamper Yuan. Apart from his cold personality, Zhan is so sensitive when it comes to Yuan. Just as Cheng stated previously ,Yuan also doesn't need anyone if Zhan is here.

Zhan took Yuan's milk bottle and feed him. After he is full, Yuan cuddled into Zhan's chest and fell asleep again. Zhan kissed his head softly and tucked him into his cot.

After the breakfast, Yibo went to the office, in a good mood than usual. Because it's their pay day. It's his first salary after all. Yibo requested HR department to give his salary to his hand instead deposit it in the bank since he need to pay his rent today to Mrs.Xiao and need to deposit money on his mother's account. So he is planning to applied for a short leave tomorrow to go to bank to send money to his mother.

Later in the evening, as soon as they receive the massage to come and get the salary, they went to the HR dept , signed and received their salary. There were only few staff, including Yibo were paid manually as they requested it.

It was getting dark, Yibo finished his work around 7 p.m. and left the office. Yibo headed down the usual deserted road towards his house, humming a song. But suddenly a group of men who had been hiding in a dark place jumped to the road at once. There were all wearing a black masks and black outfits. Yibo's face became pale as he remembered what Haikuan had said that day. He warned Yibo saying that there is a gang of muggers snatching valuable items of the pedestrians.

Yibo looked around to see if there was anyone who could help him, but there was no one around, not even a stray dog except form them. On the other days, he carries only a small amount of money with him but luck isn't on his side today because he's carrying his entire salary in his bag.

"Why today?" Yibo screamed internally.

At the same time the Yibo was surrounded by the gang. One of them pointed a knife at him. Because everyone was wearing masks, and because it was so dark, not a single face was visible to Yibo.

"You will not be harmed if you do what we say without making a noise. All of your valuables, such as wallet, bag, and phone, must be on the ground or you will be in serious trouble. Do not dare to make a noise."

Yibo's eyes welled up with tears as he realized that if he couldn't send his salary home, his mother and brother would die hungry. More than that they need money for mother's medicine and for his brother's tution fees. Yibo doesn't have a match to fight with two or three, but he knows he can't do anything because there are six people here. Most of all, he need to save his life, so he took the wallet from back pocket in front of them and put it in the bag as well as he fished his phone and put it inside the bag. Then he placed the bag on the groung next to his leg as they ordered.

At that moment, a man in front of Yibo bent down to grab the bag from the ground but Yibo immediately hit his head with his leg, grabbed the bag and started running back. He just couldn't give up. But he couldn't run more than two or three feet, he looked back while running and realized someone had thrown the knife at him. He threw himself away, but the knife had already struck him in the flesh above his elbow. He winced in pain.

To be continued...


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