Chapter 36: Always You

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"Bring it on~Daddy~" Yibo purred biting his lips seductively, inviting Zhan to devour him completely.

"Fuck! What a horny pup!" He cursed under his breath.

"Say it again, you naughty lil pup." Zhan hissed, with bloodshot eyes.

"Gege~" Impatient Yibo moaned loudly when Zhan bit his earlobe and suck it hard.

"Wrong password!" Zhan paused his actions making Yibo wail beneath him.

Yibo was too horny and his mind was clouded as he got to know he was the only one in Zhan's mind from the beginning. So he unconsciously spat something shameless which was awaken Zhan's beast. And now when this sly man remind it again and again Yibo almost faint unable to bare with the shame. But he was more horny.

"Gege~ p-please~" Yibo begged, blushing furiously which Zhan turned deaf ear. His voice seemed raspier than before.

"Say it again, or else I'm gonna leave you here and let you suffer.."

"No! No! Please Zhan-ge." Hearing his name being moaned by his pup, Zhan immediately got rock hard. Yibo tried to chase after his lips where he was being ignored by Zhan.

"Then tell me how do you want to be treated?" Yibo whined pitifully and wrapped his legs around his man, giving up his ego the horny pup begged shamelessly without thinking twice.

"Daddy~ Give me your best~ bury your dick deep inside me, thrusting hard and fast~ destroy me~ and never stop even if I cry~" Yibo moaned, losing his last bit of sanity which withered away.

That's it! Zhan lost it!

"You!" Zhan took a heavy breath trying his best to surge down the raging fire and groaned.

"As your wish princess.." He didn't give Yibo a chance to reply and gripped his jaw before crashing his lips against him, kissing him roughly and wildly over those lips that moaned and begged for him to be destroyed. Zhan forcefully pushed his tongue inside his mouth, tasting every corner of it sucking and licking his tongue, biting it hard until Yibo taste of his own blood.

"Hmppph.." Yibo moan in pain and pleasure. This is it! The rough side of Zhan, Yibo has always loved. Yibo wrapped his arms around Zhan's neck while responding to Zhan's kiss in the same passion.

Pulling away, their tongues yearn for each other once more. Zhan removed every piece of clothes on Yibo like possessed and stared at the naked beauty underneath him. He saw a disgustingly gorgeous sight of his lil pup with half opened eyes, flushed cheeks and lips open, drooling after the rough kiss. Yibo was beautiful, alluring, dazzling and sexy at the same time. Yibo turned red noticing Zhan's hungry eyes running in every corner of his body.

"Gege~" He moaned when Zhan trailed down rough kisses on his jaw to his neck.

"You look sexy as hell!" Zhan groaned against his neck and bit it hard leaving love bites.

"Ah~" Yibo let out a embarrassing sounds when Zhan started to tease his nips softly brushing them.

"What? My lil pup doesn't like when his nips being teased?" Zhan smirked and abuse his nips, massaging them with his finger tips, sometimes rubbing and pinching them hard. Yibo was overwhelmed by the torture. He was releasing series of lewd moans. Zhan's eyes glued to his perked nips which were irresistible pink, looking so tempting, which became plumpy due to his torturing and now ready to be eaten.

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