Chapter 10: Closeness

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In next day Yibo paid his rent to Mrs.Xiao and deposited money on his mother's account before went to the office. Mrs.Xiao asked him to apply for a leave because of the injury but he refused saying he is completely fine. Another thing is that he enjoys his job; he works happily.

Now our BoBo feels like Zhan is his guardian angel, he couldn't stop smiling when he thinks of Zhan. Even while doing his work Yibo's mind filled with Zhan. Haikuan and Ziyi noticed Yibo is sometimes smiling like an idiot even while doing his work and their teasing mood automatically turned on.

"By any chance, are you dating someone behind our back?" Ziyi inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"What are you talking about?" Yibo asked while pulling her hair.

"Hey you're messing my hair." Ziyi shouted with a pout.

"So you are not going to tell us? We know there is exactly something you're hiding from us." Haikuan uttered with a smirk.

Yibo didn't reply. He wanted to tell Haikuan and Ziyi about the thoughts that were bothering him about Zhan but Yibo could not figure out how they would react to it. His crush is a boy after all not a girl. They only known Zhan to be the second child in the house where Yibo was staying. And Yibo just referred him as a evil rabbit all this time.

Haikuan and Ziyi didn't bothered him further and stopped teasing him. They know Yibo will tell them when he is ready. Even it's been a while since they've actually met but they are not only close, but also best friends now. So Kuan changed the topic.

"How is your hand now? I told you to be careful. You're so reckless Yibo. You even had your full salary in your hand. What will happen if Zhan doesn't arrive on time? And what if the cut is too deep?" Kuan uttered worriedly.

"What if they come back to take revenge on you." Ziyi muttered with widened eyes.

"Don't worry. As a result of the numerous complaints, police will begin patrolling today.  So that will never happen."  Yibo said calmly.

"But we can't take a risk. Why don't you ask someone home to come and pick you. I mean not in the morning. At least in the evening. Ask that cold prince to pick you up."

"What? Zhan? No way. He is always busy with his work. Other than that, I'm not a girl. I can protect my self." Yibo exclaimed.

"Yeah we all know how you protected yourself yesterday." Ziyi stuck her tongue out, mocking him."

"Yeah he was here because of that so called evil rabbit. If not him we might pay you a visit at the hospital right now." Kuan totally agreed with her.

Yibo remembered how he was saved by Zhan and couldn't stop his smile. His cheeks turned red as he remembered that warmth. That shy smile didn't escape from Haikuan and Ziyi's sights.

 That shy smile didn't escape from Haikuan and Ziyi's sights

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