Chapter 16: Confused

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After going to the office, Yibo continuously thought about Zhan. He really wanted to know what Zhan thinks about him. But Yibo realized it was not as easy as he thought. Yibo was really confused right now because of Zhan. At one point, Yibo thought Zhan like him and he looks so caring but at another time he thought Zhan didn't care at all, acting cold not giving him a chance. But what about his portraits?

"What do you think of me, gege? Why is it so difficult to understand you?" Yibo sighed heavily.

"Where are you spacing out Yibo?" Both Ziyi and Kuan asked from him. Yibo took a deep breath and told them about what happened yesterday night after Ziyi left and the portraits he saw today morning.

"The answer is quite obvious Yibo. Even a single ass like myself can figure it out. He really likes you. He was obviously jealous because of me. That's why he behave like that yesterday. Moreover, If not why would he draw your so many portraits?" Ziyi answered clamly.

"I don't think so. That book consists more than just my portraits. It's me on the most recent pages but I'm pretty sure that's not me in the front pages. After all it could be his hobby." Yibo pouted. "So let's forget about those pictures. We can't make assumptions because of that."

"Do you think he draws everyone he sees as he don't have any work?" Kuan inquired.

"I don't know man. I'm really confused right now. I do not really understand. Gege keeps coming home drunk everyday. Jie and Aunty also so worried. It's obvious he is suffering from something. But no one have any idea. We only know it has nothing to do with his work since he is doing it smoothly. Seems another problem stressing him out. It could be because of a relationship. Jie and Aunty know everything about him but not that. So that is the only possibility. Jie is also doubting, something like that must be the case." Yibo's voice is so heartbroken.

"So what do you try to say Yibo? What you're going to do if you find out he has a relationship with someone? Will you give up on him? And moreover he seems suffering because of that person."

"I don't know. If there is such thing, I'm pretty sure gege will be a great boyfriend. He'll love boundlessly and care for the person he love. He is a dreamed boyfriend that everyone desires. Therefore, whoever it is I will go and tell that person to not to hurt gege like this. It's killing me to watch him suffering. Gege is not someone who should suffer like this. He deserves to be loved." Ziyi and Kuan couldn't believe how pure and innocent their friend is.

At this point Kuan, who had been listening attentively to everything, began to speak.

"What makes you think he's having an affair? It might not be. It can be a break up. Perhaps that's why he is suffering."

"I don't know. But Jie said he never had an affair before and something like a that he never hide it from Jie. More than that, he was fine for long time after he is back. Something has happened to him recently." Yibo uttered in sorrow.

"Who knows Zhan had a relationship without Yanli's knowledge. And now they have broke up. May be that's why he is drinking continuously to forget that person. In that case you have a chance. So don't think negatively about everything. Think positive." Kuan said as he tapped Yibo's shoulder. Yibo sighed who knows for how many time and decided not to think too much.

"Okay let's stop talking about that. I have an invitation for you from Yanli Jie."

"Wow! what is it? A party?"

"No, it is a two days trip. Jie will bear the entire cost. There is a space available in the van so she told me to invite you two."

"I'm coming, I'm coming... Where and when are we going?" Yibo can see the excitement in Ziyi's face.

"This weekend, To Wuyuan."

"Oh my sweet mother of god! That's awesome. I'm so excited. Jie will come today to pick you up right? I want to thank her." Ziyi jumped from happiness. But as soon as Kuan heard the 'this weekend' part his face became gloomy.

"Damn! I won't be able to come. We're having the get together of the of the school's old boys association. I can't miss that. Why it has to be his weekend? " Kuan whined.

"Can't you just decline? We'll never get a chance like this again. You can attend for the next year gathering ." Ziyi asked while pouting.

"Yeah, Jie is here only for few days. She'll go back soon. We may never have another experience like this again." Yibo agreed with a nod.

"I'm sorry guys I can't. I promised them I'd come. I didn't had a chance to meet with them in two years. This time they'll kill me if I did't show up." Kuan sighed. He was eager to go to Yibo's countryside but he couldn't even after having a golden opportunity.

When Yanley came to pick up Yibo in the evening, Ziyi screamed top of her lungs out of joy and thanked her.

"What a waste Kuan. I thought you would come too. Never mind. You are welcome to join the next trip." Yanli consoled as she saw Kuan's gloomy face.

"Yeah I hope so." Kuan gave her a small smile. After that everyone dispersed, saying goodbye.

Everyone was counting down the days until the weekend.


To be continued..

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