Chapter 31: Shameless

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Yibo woke up from a deep sleep when he tries to change positions. How can he change positions when he was trapped in between long limbs of his bunny. Zhan was clinging to him like an octopus.

"My giant bunny." Yibo smiled affectionately. He struggled to free himself from Zhan's grip without disturbing Zhan's sleep and replaced a pillow between his limbs. Zhan tightly hugged the pillow in sleep. Yibo softly pecked his forehead, cheeks and lips before exiting the room.

"Yibo, I was about to wake you up. It's already past 9." Yibo's mother uttered when he saw Yibo entered the kitchen. Even though Yibo's mom didn't say or ask anything, Yibo was too ashamed as he hugged and kissed Zhan in front of his mom even though he was not in his right mind that time. He found it difficult to face her right now.

"Really? Did I sleep for that long?" Yibo tried to act as normal as possible masking his embarrassment. Even though he wants to tell his mother about Zhan, he knows it's not the right time now.

"I'll wake Zhan-ge up. Otherwise we'll be late." He continued.

"Alright.I'll arrange the table. wake Zhan up and get ready." She gave a nod.

"By the way, where is uncle? Did he left already?"

"Yeah. He left after having breakfast. Now go and get ready."

Yibo went to the bathroom, had a quick shower and got dressed. Only then he went to wake up Zhan. Zhan was sleeping peacefully while hugging the pillow.

"Gege.." Yibo tried to wake him up while running his fingers through Zhan's soft hair. Yibo bent down placed soft wet kisses on his face. Zhan opened his eyes because of the wet soft touch on his face. Seeing his little baby smiling like a cute puppy in front of his eyes, Zhan immediately realized he was not dreaming like past, but his dream really came true this time.

Zhan smiled and caressed Yibo's face lovingly

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Zhan smiled and caressed Yibo's face lovingly.

Zhan smiled and caressed Yibo's face lovingly

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"Ge..get up you lazy bunny. It's already past nine. Don't you want to go home?" Zhan's sleepiness completely disappeared when he heard the time.

"Shit! Why didn't you wake me up sooner?" No matter how much Zhan wants to be with Yibo, he knows that, this is not the right time. He need to prioritize on the opening ceremony. Zhan quickly got up, pressed his lips on latter's plump lips and bit Yibo's lower lip. "So delicious. I love strawberries." He purred and ran to the bathroom.

Yibo was astounded by how much Zhan had changed. It was amazing to see how a man can change for the better because of love. Yibo had always admired Zhan's beautiful and charming smile, which he rarely showed to anyone. Even though Zhan doesn't smile much, Yibo has always secretly watched Zhan smiling when he was with friends, even if it isn't much. But now Zhan is giving him that best smile without any greed.

When Zhan was ready, Yibo also done packing his bag. They quickly had the breakfast and left the home. Zhan only stopped again for have lunch. Zhan got off from the car stretching his hand and legs. It's obviously not an easy distance, Zhan had drive without a break. Yibo was very sad to see Zhan rubbing his waist. Yibo came to him and put his hand under Zhan's t-shirt and gently caressed Zhan's waist. Yibo can't help cuz even though he has the license he hasn't driven a car in a long while, so he's not used to it.

"Does it hurt a lot?" Yibo asked sadly.

"No baby. I'm fine. let's have the lunch." Zhan masked his tiredness by smiling widely because he understood that Yibo was worried. He knows that Yibo loves his smile.

After the lunch, both of them came back to the car. While Zhan was wearing his seat belt, Yibo bent down to Zhan, grabbed his chin, and kissed him on the lips.

"Does it still hurt?"Yibo asked as he broke the kiss and sat back in his seat.

"Mm... all my arms and legs hurt along with my back. No no auto correct, actually my whole body is aching." Zhan took all the diseases in the world to his body and said it as if he really is suffering because he didn't want to miss this chance.

The naive little pup fallen in the sly bunny's trap. He again kissed Zhan passionately. Zhan very much enjoyed the kiss as this was the first time Yibo initiating a French kiss.

"Alright. That's enough let's go now." Yibo pulled off from him after a while and said.

"Actuallyy... I will be perfectly fine if I get another kiss, a little longer one than the previous." Zhan uttered grinning.

Yibo knew Zhan was tricking him. But without saying anything he bend over again, but this time without kissing Yibo roughly bit Zhan's lip.

"Ugh.." Zhan groaned. He rubbed his wounded lip, which he can feel the taste of blood.

"Ooh feisty!" Zhan commented, amusing. "I love that." He remarked. Yibo rolled his eyes. Zhan smirked at him. Yibo knew nothing good will come out of his mouth when he saw that signature sly smirk.

"By any chance, do you want me to do you in the car. I can roll you over in the back seat, pinning you to the seat, hovering over you, holding you tight, removing your...bla bla bla... " Zhan started to blabber as a shameless man. A tint of red spread through Yibo's ears to neck and it overflowed to the whole face.

"But the passenger seat will not be a problem either. Let's try it someday." Zhan said, looking at Yibo's face, which was like a ripe tomato. It feels too good to tease him.

"Shameless!" Yibo roared with red face.

"Aren't you supposed to say anything other than that? At least  I'm waiting for it or I'll love it." Zhan grinned like a madman.

"I swear gege! I'm going to castrate you one day!" Yibo huffed again hiding his red face.

"You know what? It's so fun to mess with and too cute to not to mess with you." Zhan pinched his red cheek earning a glare from his little cub.

"Why are you glaring? You look so delicious when you're blushing. I want to eat you fully. What a waste we're having a ceremony tomorrow. Otherwise..." Zhan halted in the middle, looking at Yibo while licking his lips seductively.

"You pervert!" Yibo mumbled under his breath. He stopped responding to Zhan because he was afraid of what that shameless mouth would spit next.

Zhan winked at him and started the car. They went straight to the studio as everyone was at there.

"Yibo..." Ziyi screamed as soon as Yibo hop off from the car. Yibo smiled at her but latter looked Yibo from head to toe weirdly, knitting her brows.

"That is weird." She mumbled.

"What is weird?" Yibo looked at her confusedly.

"How comes you are walking perfectly fine. Even without limping." She exclaimed.

To be continued...

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