Chapter 3: Adapting

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After a while Yibo who flipped in bed went out and wandered around. The house was neither too big nor too small. There were only two servants in the house.

Mr.Lan and Mrs.Lan are a duo. Mr.Lan is the one in charge of the garden and also Mrs.Xiao's driver while Mrs.Lan works in the kitchen. They live in a seperate room located behind the main house.

Yibo took a few minutes to walk around the house and garden before heading to the kitchen to fetch some water. Mrs.Lan was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

"Sir,why didn't you call me? If you need something just call me."
Mrs.Lan said when she saw Yibo.

"No,no it's fine.I just wanted to fetch some water.By the way my name is Yibo. Aunty Lan Please call me Yibo."
Yibo felt uneasy when Mrs.Lan addressed him 'Sir'.
He is not a rich person or a highly educated one.Moreover, once his mother also worked as a housemaid after his father's death before she fell ill.

"Aunty if you can, give me a jug of water and a glass to take to the room."

"Of course Yibo."
Mrs.Lan replied with a smile.

When Mrs.Lan filled a glass jug with water Yibo saw she had been cutting vegetables.He wanted to help.

"I'll do this."
Yibo took the knife from the chopping board.

"Oh no no little boy.I can do this. Go to your room and rest"

"But I'm bored.Please let me do this.I'm a good cook.I always help my mom when she is cooking."
Yibo whined like a baby. Mrs.Lan gave up and let him be.

Yibo helped Mrs.Lan to cook.He felt comfortable around Mrs.Lan. They talked about many things while cooking. Mrs.Lan and Yibo chatted about their families. Yibo got to know Mrs.Lan have a son who studying abroad.

"Oh, you got a new friend!"Mrs.Xiao came to the kitchen to help Mrs.Lan to prepare dinner and saw Yibo helping her.

Every day when Mrs.Lan preparing meals Mrs.Xiao helps her. But today because of Yibo nothing was left to do. All three of them arranged the dinner while chatting. Yibo planned to dine in his room and was going to leave, but Mrs.Xiao invited Yibo to have dinner along with them. Not only dinner she instructed Yibo should eat along with them starting from today.So Yibo had dinner together with Mrs.Xiao and Cheng. He was relieved that everyone treated him as a family. As Linwen said he doesn't feel lonely with them.


Next morning Yibo got ready and walk to the office. His office is within walking distance so he did not need to wake up in the morning jam with an alarm.

Yibo is now in front of the office complex. He took a big breath and walked nervously into the office.He spotted Haikuan as soon as he walked into the office.His face gleemed with joy.He first met Haikuan on the day of his interview.There were a lot of candidates when he went to the interview in this company.That day, Yibo became friends with Haikuan and Ziyi. Haikuan and Ziyi also came for the interview, and these two also came from far away from Shanghai, just like Yibo. Kuan is from Hunan and Ziyi is from Changshan. So Yibo got close to them as soon as he met with them. Moreover, Yibo holds the ability to easily establish friends because of his cheerful and humble personality.Yibo was overjoyed that his new friend had also been chosen for the job.

"Thank God. I was worried you would not make it.I hadn't had a chance to get both of your contact numbers that day.So I had no way of contacting you two."
Kuan was so happy becuase Yibo also made it.

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