Chapter 22: Not Anymore

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Yibo rolled over on the bed with little Yuan after Linwen led the others to the canola field. Yanli kept Yuan with them because Yibo and Mrs. Xiao were both at home. Yibo took the baby boy to his room while Mrs.Xiao helped his mother in preparing lunch. Yibo always had a very sensitive spot for babies. But that was more special with A-Yuan. From the very first day, Yibo felt an unknown affection towards this cute pie. He adored spending time with him. He felt like his worries, sorrows, and all of his stresses were disappearing when he saw his cute giggles, smiling puppy eyes, chubby cheeks, and tiny palms. It seems like little Yuan is too fond of Yibo.

Yibo caresses Yuan's soft hair while hugging him. Little boy played with Yibo's buttons while giggling. Yibo lost in his thoughts. He didn't realize it, but tears started to roll down his cheeks. After a while, Yibo's mom entered the room.

"Are you crying?" Yibo's mom asked, surprised. Yibo was astonished. He touched his cheeks and then realized he was crying. He looked at Little Yuan and saw he was sleeping peacefully snuggled to his chest while holding his shirt tightly.

"I didn't realize?" Yibo uttered before properly tucking Yuan into bed and sitting down.

"What's wrong son?" His mother asked worriedly.

"Oh nothing mom. It's just the headache." Yibo uttered while avoiding his mother's gaze.

"Come here." Yibo's mother placed his head on to her lap and gently caressed it while using Yibo's fav baby cologne. Yibo closed his eyes enjoying the gentle caresses of his mother.

"What's bothering you son? Why you drowned yourself in alcohol knowing you have very low alcohol tolerance? See now how you're suffering?" She nagged

"That's nothing mom. We just had fun last night and I got drunk." He said before snuggled up to the missed warmth he hadn't felt in two months.


"Yibo knows this area very well." Linwen uttered to Yanli while walking on the bridge over the canola field.

Others were taking photos while admiring the beauty of the canola field

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Others were taking photos while admiring the beauty of the canola field. This time Fei and Zhu came and dragged Ziyi with them because Ziyi hadn't come to see the lake with them earlier. Yubin talks with her normally and Zhan shows no difference when Ziyi apologizes to them for the rude behavior. Anyway, Zhan always talks less unless it's necessary, and he won't hold grudges for such trivial matters. On top of that, today he is continually grumpy because Yibo didn't come alone with them for the whole day.

"Only Yibo? You also have been here since childhood right?" Yanli replied as she couldn't grasp what he mean.

"No, it's not like that. Yibo's father works for the most well-known and best-rated tour guide in this area. As you know, many locals, schools and universities too, visit here on tours and he provides a guiding service for them. There are so many tourist attractions in Wuyuan, including well-preserved ancient architecture and more places having historical value. Yibo's father is a most trusted worker for that man. So after Yibo's father's sudden death, he knew Yibo's family was struggling financially and decided to help them. He sends some money in every month for them. Apart from that, he asked Yibo to join him when he is free. Yibo was still a university student at the time. So Yibo helped him on his vacations for his guiding activities and earned some money seperately. He really helped them a lot. But now he is not here anymore. His son lives abroad, so he and his wife moved from China. If he was still here Yibo could have worked with him as his assistance as a permanent employee and there is no need to leave the home and go to Shanghai." He said briefly.

"I said too much right? What I wanted to tell is because of that Yibo has that experience and he knows more places around here." Linwen continued.

"You seem to miss Yibo more, because he is not here." Yanli chuckled.

"Of course I am. He is not only a nephew but also a brother to me. He was the one who was there for me in everytime, whether it was happy or sad occasion." Linwen sighed.

" Enough of that. So what did MianMian talk with you?" He asked again.

"Um.. nothing special." Yanli said while avoiding his gaze.

Linwen realized that Yanli was hiding something from her. But he didn't ask further.

"We didn't say, but she knows her days are counted." His voice is shattered. Yanli could feel his pain as she had once gone through that pain. She patted his back.

"Stay strong. She needs you the most." Yanli said slowly.

They went back to the Yibo's home in the lunchtime. After returned home Yanli immediately went looking for Yibo and her son. She saw her little one is in sleep and Yibo was awake.

"How are you feeling Yibo?" She asked but immediately noticed Yibo's red and swollen eyes.

"Wait! Have you cried?" She asked, concerned.

"No I just woke up. That's why my eyes are hooded." He made an excuse.

"Anyway how is our countryside? Did you enjoyed your visit?" He changed the topic.

"Everywhere is beautiful. But we didn't had chance to visit many more places. One day trip is not enough. I wish we could stay longer." She whined.

"Don't whine. We can come again." He chuckled.

"Okay now stop changing the topic and tell me the truth. You are so different from yesterday. what happened? You even cried." She asked again. Yibo looked down and didn't utter anything.

"Problem at home? It can't be right? Then something happened at your office? But you were perfectly fine when we came on trip. Did something happened after that? Was it yesterday? Tell me otherwise how can I help you?"

"It's nothing Jie." Yibo hugged her. Yibo had never felt the love of a sister until he met Yanli, after meeting her, the void was filled.

"I always wanted a sister like you. That's why." He uttered, his head rested on her shoulders.

"What? You want a sister like me? That's why you're crying? Are you kidding me?" Yanli stroked his back. Yibo didn't reply. Silent tears started rolling down on Yibo's cheeks.

"I'm sorry Jie. It's not like I don't trust you. But I'm afraid I can't. You treat me so well. I'm feeling bad. I don't want to lose you. Moreover, whether I tell you or not, nothing will change now. Gege has never loved me and never will. He confirmed that last night. So I will move on. This will be the last time I shed tears because of him. Not anymore." He though in his mind. He doesn't want to suffer anymore.

Yanli realized that he was crying silently. She was too worried. but she can't do anything as she doesn't know why he is like that. But she could understand Yibo don't want to talk about it.

"Shh shh.. it's okay if you don't want to talk about it. Now stop crying please. If your or our mother sees this they'll be so worried. I don't know what happened? But everything will be fine. You can tell me about it whenever you want." Yanli said while patting Yibo on the back to calm him down. Yibo wiped his tears still hugging her.

At the same time Zhan entered the room. Yanli was facing her back to the door while patting yibo's back so she didn't see Zhan. But Yibo who's face was on Yanli's shoulder clearly saw that Zhan had come. Seeing the way they were, Zhan's face changed, and Yibo realized they are in a intimate position, hugging tightly. Yibo immediately left Yanli to cover his face. He doesn't want to see Zhan, and doesn't want to show off his red face with swollen eyes from crying. He didn't want Zhan to see him crying even though he was the cause of it.

To be continued...

Will our lion cub really give up on Zhan? Let's see. See you in next chapter 😘❤️

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