Chapter 18: First Kiss

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After being done with talking selfies and photos, they hurried to the peak when suddenly the sky became gloomy. They were upset that they would not be able to watch the sunset if it rained. Yibo didn't even have an umbrella in his backpack.

Yubin was walking with Zhan and Yibo saw Ziyi alone at last because she is a little slower than the others. She is clearly exhausted. Yibo informed Yanli that they would catch up with them later and slowed down to keep up with Ziyi. After a while, Yibo received a call from his mother. He had already informed his mother that they would be coming to Wuyuan tomorrow. After the phone call, Yibo searched for Ziyi and got startled because she was not there. Others were also already gone because both of them were coming at last.

"She was with me. Where did she disappear suddenly?" Yibo muttered and was about to go back to find Ziyi when he saw Ziyi coming with a water bottle.

"Where did you go? I nearly had a heart attack thinking we lost you."

" My water bottle is over. So I went to that guide office to get some water from the dispenser machine. You want some? Here, I refilled my bottle." Ziyi stretched out the water bottle to Yibo.

"Thanks. let's hurry. Others were already gone. Let's catch up with others." Ziyi nodded as a reply. Yibo finished drinking the water and handed the bottle back to Ziyi and and both of them hurried off.

After a while rain started pouring.

"Holy Shit!" Yibo cursed under his breath.

"Do you have an umbrella in your backpack? I don't." Ziyi cried.

"Of course not! Come quickly." Yibo could see there is a small hut in near far. He dragged Ziyi and ran to the hut. There were these types of both small and large resting huts all along the way for the visitors to rest for a while. When they came under the hut, they both dripping wet.

 When they came under the hut, they both dripping wet

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(Imagine Yibo and Ziyi in above picture)

"Let's call someone, otherwise they won't be able to find us." Ziyi told while wiping water drops in her hair. Yibo agreed and took the phone, He was about to dial Yanli's number when he received a call from Yanli.

"Yibo! Where are you two?" Yanli shouted as soon as Yibo answered the call.

"She said they also sheltering under a hut till the rain stops. If we had an umbrella, we would go to them. Unfortunately we don't have one." Yibo sighed after hang up the call.

"Yibo look!" Ziyi shouted and yibo looked at that direction. They could see Zhan and Yubin were coming to them with two large umbrellas. Yibo's lips curved upward.

(Just imagine those four in this picture

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(Just imagine those four in this picture. I found this pic while scrolling thru the internet.)

"Jie told us that you didn't have an umbrella and couldn't catch up with us. So we came." Yubin said.

"Yes thank you." Ziyi exclaimed and crawled under Yubin's umbrella in seconds. Then her naughty gaze turned to Yibo.

"We're going. Come before the rain gets heavier." Ziyi said with a smirk.

Ziyi didn't wait for Yibo's reply and dragged Yubin with her. Yibo was still dumbfounded. Seems like everything happened is seconds. It's obvious Ziyi intentionally gave that opportunity to him. He has no choice to go with Zhan. He can feel how fast his heart is throbbing inside the rib cage. But he care less. Actually he is loving this moment.

Yibo looked at Zhan from corner of his eyes and tried to get out of the hut to follow Ziyi so that Zhan would eventually come with him. But Zhan grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

"Wait, tie your lace first." Zhan said while pointing his shoe.

"Oh I didn't notice." Yibo replied, bent down and tied the lace and stood up. Then Bin and Ziyi are already out of sight. That is when he heard a the sound of a violent thunderclap.

"Oh no!" Yibo cried internally. He got scared and grabbed Zhan's hand tightly, closing his eyes. Yibo has been terrified of lightning since he was a child. When he was at home, he used to sleep with his brother on thunderstorm days at night.

Zhan could feel yibo was terrified. At the very moment they heard another thunderclap. Yibo unconsciously hugged him tightly. Zhan was stunned with the unexpected hug. But he came to his sense when he felt Yibo is trembling. Zhan immediately wrapped his one arm around his small waist and patted his back with other arm. Yibo buried his face in Zhan's neck with closed eyes, inhaling his sent. Zhan could feel Yibo's hot breath fanning through his skin. He can feels shivers running through his body. Yibo inhaled Zhan's intoxicating scent deeply, which slowly calmed him down. He felt safe in his arms.

After a while the sound of thunderbolt disappeared, and Yibo who was hiding his face in Zhan's neck gradually calmed down. That was when he realized what he had done.

"Oh no, What have I done?" He murmured and hesitantly raised his head to meet Zhan's gaze.
Yibo looked at him with his doe eyes. Zhan's sparkling almond eyes were so beautiful, his stare is just hypnotizing. Yibo lost himself in those dark orbs for a moment. Zhan could see Yibo's puppy eyes were fixed on him. Zhan lost in them for a brief while, before his gaze moved to Yibo's slightly trembling lips. Those were pink and plump, looks like strawberries. Strong desire fully enveloped Zhan. Yibo's face flushed as he realized Zhan's gaze had fallen on his lips. Zhan couldn't wait anymore, he crashed his lips with his, softly tasting those luscious, rosy lips. Yibo was still stunned. He couldn't comprehend what is happening. His poor heart beating crazily. It looks like Zhan was possessed. Zhan is on his own world, kept tasting those juicy lips. After a while he deepen the kiss, sucking, kissing and biting him aggressively. Yibo gasped. Zhan took the chance and plunge his tongue in to his warm cavern, tasting every inch in, devouring his swollen lips, making him breathless. Yibo felt like fainting on his arms in any time because Zhan is kissing him so hard. Zhan released him when Yibo become totally breathless.

As soon as Zhan released Yibo's lips, Zhan kissed his cheek and moved lips to his ear, sucking, licking and biting his ear lobes. A faint moan escaped through Yibo's lips. The cold caused by the rain had no effect on those two love birds who were engrossed in their own worlds. Both of them can feel the heat on their bodies. Zhan began to move his jaw down to his neck leaving wet kisses while swirling his tongue around, sucking and licking every inch of his neck, leaving marks. As his sensitive areas were trapped in Zhan's naughty lips, Yibo couldn't help that escaping sinful sounds through his swollen lips which sounds euphonious to Zhan's ears.

To be continued...


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