Chapter 6: Cold Prince

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"Who's that?" Yibo shuttered while scratching his nape nervously. He dragged himself to the door and opened it. Yibo sighed in relieve after seeing who it was.

Mrs.Xiao took Yibo's dinner and entered the room. She knew he would not come out to eat today. She also knew Yibo heard what Zhan said.

"I'm sorry aunty. Because of me..." Yibo tried to say something,looking down playing with fingers but Mrs.Xiao cut him off.

"Don't take it to your heart my boy. He is pissed because we didn't tell him about you. Even if he shout at me he won't say anything to you. So don't worry about him alright? I know that he is somewhat cold but he is not a bad person." She patted his head giving a motherly smile. Yibo just nodded.

"Now be a good boy and finish your meal. And don't just lock yourself in the room because of him. Come out and stay with us as usual. okay?"

"Mn.." Yibo hummed and gave her a soft smile.

"Aaw... you're so cute." Mrs.Xiao pinched his chubby cheek.

"I'm not cute, I'm handsome." Yibo pouted making her laugh.

"Haha alright. You're handsome but cute too. Okay now eat first and go to sleep. You look so tired" She added while smiling.

After Mrs.Xiao left the room Yibo finished his dinner and fell on his bed. The guests were not yet left. Their voices could still be heard from the living room. Yibo sighed as he remembered that this house would not be as peaceful as it used to be from now on. He lost in his thoughts but fell in to the deep slumber after a while because it had been a long day.

Next morning Yibo wake up at 6, did the daily routine intending to do jogging around the garden. He put on a tight fitting running short and a white thin t-shirt. Then went to the kitchen intending to take his cup of milk.

"Good morning aunty Lan!" Yibo greeted her with a big smile.

"Good morning aunty Lan!" Yibo greeted her with a big smile

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"Good morning my boy. Here is your milk." Mrs.Lan greeted back with her usual homely smile holding a glass of milk.

Yibo leaned back against the kitchen pantries and started drinking his milk.

"Why it is taste different?" Yibo was confused while looking at his glass of milk.

"That's the goat's milk dear boy. That's why. Zhan only drinks goat's milk. So he brings them while he's here."

"It's weird though. This is the first time I'm drinking goat's milk." Yibo said while making a weird face.

Mrs.Lan chuckled. "But goat milk has more nutrients that may offer you health benefits." She explained to this big boy

At the very moment Zhan entered the kitchen intending to have his cup of milk. Zhan's and Yanli's rooms were on the second floor, while Yibo's, Cheng's, and Mrs.Xiao's room were on the first.

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