Chapter 5: First Encounter

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After Yanli's departure Yibo felt very lonely. He really missed her. But it was voided by Cheng and their little bean Yuan.

As usual Yibo got up around six in the morning, went straight to the kitchen to drink his cup of milk before heading to exercise. Yibo is not a fan of drinking milk in the morning but but he has begun to do so because of Mrs.Lan.

"Drinking milk in the morning is good for your health." When Yibo refused to drink milk early in the morning Mrs.Lan always pushed him to drink milk by saying so. So Yibo had no choice but got in to the habit of drinking milk as the first thing after wake up, just like everyone else in the home.

After working out, he washed up and went to the dining room. In the morning, at the same time as Yibo is going to the office, Cheng is also going to school. So they 're having breakfast together.

"Good morning."
Yibo greeted when Cheng came out of his room.

Cheng greeted back with a wide yawn, seemed like still in daze.

A small chuckle left Yibo's lips. Even though Cheng was dressed in his uniform, he was still a little drowsy, his eyes hooded. His tie was messed up and hair was ruffled. Cheng dragged his feet out of his room and sat down while scratching his eyes. This is something Yibo sees almost every morning.

"Hey idiot, that is sauce not butter."
Yibo shouted at half sleeping Cheng who spread hot chilly sauce on the bread while thinking that's butter. Yibo shook his head. Mrs. Xiao, who was already seated at the dining table, flicked his head that immediately made Cheng fully awake.

"Ouch..."  He pouted and took another slice of bread while caressing his head.

"Wake up already you brat! You're even dozing off on the school bus. You're not even studying instead playing games until late." She glared at him and Cheng started to bicker.

"You spoiled brat. You won't listen to me. Wait until your Gege comes. He will teach you a lesson." Mrs.Xiao yelled at Cheng using  Zhan's name as her ultimate weapon making Cheng eventually shut up. Cheng is a stubborn boy but he is really afraid of his brother.

After the chaotic breakfast, Yibo walked to the office. The day went by, busy with work. But it was a hectic day than usual. So Yibo was pretty tired by the time he get off work. He just wanted to slam on his precious bed and sleep soundly. He slowly walked towards the house. But as soon as he reached the gate, he heard a loud bang of music coming from inside.

"Damn! Who is shaking our sacred house?" Yibo mumbled himself while entering. Yibo's eyes went wide when he saw few motorcycles and cars crammed into the parking shed.

"Oh god! he is here." Yibo let out a heavy sigh.

"Now my peaceful life will be over." Yibo muttered under his breath as he entered the living room. There were lot of girls and boys having a good time while chatting, some were singing, some were dancing like there is no tomorrow. Yibo lowered his head as much as possible and dashed to his room in between them not daring to look at anyone.

"He and his bunch of friends... Ugh! So annoying...Looks like I'm done sleeping today." Yibo took a deep breath after closing his door and pushed himself to the bathroom. When Yibo came out of the bathroom after a quick bath the loud bang of music was subdued. The guests appeared to be enjoying dinner. His room is next to the dining room so he can here the noice there.

After the dinner Zhan's friends went back to the living room. At the very moment Yibo can hear what's going on in the dining room.

"Mom,who was that? A-Cheng's friend?" Zhan inquired. Even Yibo couldn't see Zhan's face he found his voice to be deep and manly.

"No. He is the son of Linwen's sister."

"What? So why is he here?" Zhan interrogate with a frown.

"He is working nearby. He had a kind of situation and Linwen asked me for a favor. I couldn't turn him down. After all, he is your sister's best friend." Mrs.Xiao remarked. Zhan's eyes went wide.

"What the hell mom! Are you doing a charity or something? What's wrong with you? You didn't even tell me anything or ask me anything and did as your wish. Do you even know he is good or evil? " He said gritting his teeth.

"How can you say evil to him by looking at his adorable face? He is such a cute boy! Now stop shouting! He will hear. He is in the next room." His mom pleaded.

"I don't mind at all. And for pete's sake I didn't saw his so called adorable face. He was so busy with bowing down staring at floor as if he want to kiss the floor in any minute and dashed in seconds through the living room. So I though that was friend of A-Cheng. Mom please stop being too nice to others. We can't even trust the people we know well these days. So, how can you put your trust in someone you barely know? Only you and Cheng is in the home. Find him another place and send him out here as soon as possible. If you want I'll help you to find another place for him." He grunted.

"No no, we can't do that. He really is a good boy Zhan. If you see his face you'll now how innocent he is. He feels like another son to me. More than that we can trust Linwen. Ask from Yanli if you want. Even Yanli is really fond of him. Now you're here. so why do I worry about our safety? tho" Mrs.Xiao uttered dramatically with gleaming eyes. Zhan rolled his eyes.

"Even Jiejie didn't told me? Now am I the outsider here?" He hissed.

"Don't worry, Zhan, his existence will not bother you. If it bothers you, you can go somewhere else." Mrs.Xiao exclaimed, giggling.

"Mom!" Zhan shouted in disbelief. Now he became an outsider to his mom while someone become like his son. What the hell is going on? He face palmed.

"Whatever!" He can't win over his mother. So he stopped arguing and went back to the living room to join with his friends.

Yibo let out a deep sigh who knows for how many times. "I'll avoid him as much as possible." He determined.

He had no intention of eating dinner as he has no heart to go out of his room. So he slammed on the bed.
After a few moment he heard a knock on the door.

To be continued...


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