Chapter 29: Confession

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"Uh! it hurts baby mushroom!" Zhan whispered in Yibo's ear with his deep and husky voice as he still attacking Zhan's chest with his tiny paws while sulking.

"Aunty I've come to take him back with me." Zhan composed himself and spoke to Yibo's mom while glancing at the angry duckling who looked away angrily with his red face.

"I can't believe this boy came home when there is such an important event. We were completely unaware of it until now." Yibo's mother said.

"It's okay aunty and I'm really sorry for worrying you." Zhan apologized profusely. His face looks guilty.

"It's okay, Zhan; it's better you took a short nap when you're tired than get into an accident." Yibo's mother said with a motherly smile.

"Aunty, I almost had an accident. I didn't notice my car was driving off the road. When I heard a loud horn from a vehicle approaching, I jerked. I wanted to come right away, but after that incident, I decided to take a short nap." Zhan responded by scratching his neck. Yibo looked at him with wide eyes. His face expressed mix of emotions like worry, fear, anger and frustration "Oh shit! I'm dead." Zhan thought as he gave a innocent smile to Yibo but received a scowl from latter.

"See what if something bad happens? I'll prepare breakfast soon. Until you can have a rest. Sleep for some more. You'll have to drive for several hours again." She uttered worriedly. Zhan nodded as reply.

"Sorry Linwen-ge.. I scared you guys. Wasn't I?" Zhan asked from Linwen after Yibo's mother went to the kitchen. Guilt was written all over his face.

"It's okay Zhan. It's not something you did on purpose." Then he leaned closer and whispered.

"It won't be easy like you console Yanli. He was a crying mess even though now he is looking like angry duck." Linwen chuckled. Zhan couldn't stop grinning.

At the same time, Yibo's mother arrived and handed Zhan a glass of milk.

"Yibo, arrange your bed and allow Zhan to sleep in your room. Let him rest for a while. You guys need to go back quickly. He needs to drive for long time again but he still looks so tired." She said while handing over the milk glass to Zhan.

Yibo cast a glance at Zhan who was with messy hair and red hooded eyes. His face totally reflects tiredness and drowsiness. But how the fuck he still looks so hot and sexy? Stop being sexy you pretentious-

Yibo didn't utter any word. Still grumpy, he went to his room arranged his shattered bed sheet and pillows. After that he turned around and saw Zhan already entered his room and leaning on the door frame.

"Sleep" Yibo huffed and was going to leave the room giving Zhan some space but get pulled back by strong arms and collided in latter's chest. Yibo was hugged tightly by Zhan. He needs to reconcile with him. But Zhan knew after knowing the whole thing regarding Yanli, Yibo will be pissed more.

"Puppy I'm sorry baby!" Zhan kissed his forehead.

Yibo still wants to act mad but can't help melted by Zhan's warmth. He couldn't resist him no matter what. Absolutely not!

"I...I was terrified...I thought something had happened to you gege.." He sniffs and tears welled up in his eyes.

"Don't you want to ask why I'm here all of sudden, leaving everything else behind? That's because I have something to tell you." Yibo looked at Zhan with his puffy rounded eyes. Zhan almost cooed "So fucking adorable."

Zhan sat on Yibo's bed and confessed everything except the fact that he had been his crush for three years. He admitted that he acted like a jerk because he mistook Yibo for Yanli. Yibo was looking at Zhan with widened eyes even without blinking, he was paralyzed. Zhan knew Yibo wouldn't remember him, so he didn't say anything about three years ago. He will tell it in the time being but not now.

Yibo was too happy at the same time pissed off. He snatched a pillow from bed and smacked Zhan in rage. "You stupid brainless creature!" Yibo snorted. Zhan patiently took a few hits before snatching the pillow, tossing it away and pulled him down to sit on his lap, against his will. Yibo attempted to escape but Zhan pulled him to a bone-crushing hug.

"Leave me alone!" Yibo huffed and puffed while struggling to get away from him. But couldn't break free no matter how he tried as Zhan refuses to let go and hugged him tightly. Yibo eventually gave up and snuggled to Zhan. Zhan gently rubbed Yibo's back to soothe him. After Yibo calmed down Zhan spoke with a slightly broken voice.

"I'm sorry my lil pup. Sorry for being a jerk. Sorry for hurting you so bad." Yibo panicked as he heard Zhan's shuttered voice. He sounded like he is about to cry.

"Hey hey Gege. Look at me. I.. I already forgave you. So please..." Yibo hugged Zhan back and patted his back to console him. Yibo don't want to Zhan to cry as him. So now it's his time to prevent his bunny from doing so.

"Don't you have anything to say anything without an apology. I mean ever since you came, you've only been apologizing. I need to hear anything else." Yibo asked meekly. Zhan looked at Yibo intensely. Yibo's eyes are round and hopeful, begging for validation. "So fucking cute" Zhan thought, holding back the urge to devour him right then and there.

Zhan couldn't stop turning on his teasing mood. "Mmmm... anything else! No I already said what I need to say." He answered innocently.

Zhan enjoyed the changing colour of Yibo's face, reflecting total annoyance and disappointment.

"Go away from me!" Yibo snorted and get away from Zhan's grip.

"Baby..." Zhan whined.




"Lil pup..."




"How could you ignore your BOYFRIEND like this?" Zhan fake cried. With that, Yibo's whole face blows off a wave of fluster.

Yibo turned to face him masking his shyness and red face with a scowl. "What?" He asked annoyingly.

"Oh now you're giving me the attention!" Zhan teased.

"I hate you." Yibo ranted with his red face.

"I love you too baby!"


To be continued...

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What an amusing way to holding a .... I mean a flashlight 😏 

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