Chapter 30: Flustered

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Zhan grinned while enjoying the cute, flustered face of his beloved.

Yibo was in a trance. He blinked a few times to process what Zhan had spat. He couldn't help but to get flustered, feeling the latter's intense gaze in his piercing eyes. His heart skipped a beat.

"Now where are you trying to escape? Come here!" Zhan asked, raising a brow while showing his lap.
Yibo didn't protest. He slowly came to him, like a puppy wagging his tail, as he was so happy cuz Zhan said it out loud, the thing that Yibo desperately wanted to hear. But instead of the lap, Yibo sat beside him. But Zhan pulled him down to sit on his lap.

"Now it's your turn." Zhan uttered, hopefully looking at Yibo's twinkling eyes. He wants to hear it too.

"I already said, even you didn't know." Yibo looked at Zhan, who was gazing affectionately at him.

"The words you spat when I was sleeping does not count." Zhan grinned like a mad man. Yibo's eyes widened.

"You! You heard me? I thought you were sleeping." Yibo was so embarrassed. He curled his fingers into a fist and smacked Zhan's chest.

Zhan grabbed his fist and uncurled his fingers.
"I love your tiny paws. Why even your fingers looks so small and cute?"
Zhan kissed his fingers lovingly.

"Do you think everyone has excessively long limbs like yours, you giant bunny?" Yibo pouted.

"Do you think only my limbs are excessively long?" Zhan asked raising a brow with a smirk. Yibo blinked twice to process what he said but after seeing Zhan's sly smirk he could feel all the blood in his body rushed to his face.

"You!" Yibo's tongue got tied. "Shameless!" He blurted out after a brief moment, blushing madly. Zhan couldn't help burst out laughing.

"Why so embarrassed? Who is the one benefiting from that anyway?" Zhan winked at him. Yibo seriously wants to murder this shameless man. He couldn't believe this was the same cold, evil bunny he knew, who talked less. Now spouting like no face. Should I strangle this shameless creature?

"Shut up!" Yibo hide his red face in Zhan's crook of the neck before letting his small cute fangs out and biting into his shoulder.

"Ouch! You are biting like a puppy." Zhan whined, pouting.

"I really want to wipe that sly grin off your face." Yibo snorted.  "What did Jie said? Is she angry? How am I supposed to face her now?" Yibo asked abruptly, recalling something.

"She is, indeed. She beat me up while chasing me." Zhan flinched as he remembered the incident. His sister knows how to be aggressive at times.

"Beating is not enough for this stupid ass bunny, wait, I really wanna hit you too." Yibo scowled as he tried to  grab a pillow to hit him again.

"But I'm the one who is supposed to hit your ass baby." Zhan exclaimed without a shame, turning Yibo in to a beet red.

"You bully!" Yibo snorted. He really can't deal with this wild rabbit.

"Whoa, I really missed this red face." Zhan chuckled and pecked his little nose.

"Stop it already you old man! Now go to sleep. You need to drive again. I'll wake you up for the breakfast. There is an opening event tomorrow, but this man spouting nonsense without any shame.I had no idea the cold and evil man I knew had such a brakeless and shameless mouth." Yibo stammered.

"Only for you babe. You'll get to know, not only my mouth is brakeless but also...Mmm... don't worry I'll be gentle." Zhan grinned.

"Shut up." Yibo cried out. He couldn't take it anymore. He was about to leave, but Zhan was faster. He smashed his lips with the latter's irresistible pink lips. He licked and sucked those cherries, letting out 3 years of despair. Yibo returned the kiss while letting Zhan's soft flesh intrude into his mouth, circling his arms around Zhan's neck. Yibo could feel their tongue tangling, deliciously moist and warm. Zhan kissed him passionately, turning the two sets of soft lips from side to side, upper to lower, inseparably. Suddenly, Zhan's lips grew more aggressive. Yibo's mind went blank. It was mind blowing. The sensation felt overwhelmingly good. "Fuck, Zhan is a really good kisser." Yibo felt that it was a bit difficult to breathe, but Zhan had no way to stop. Between the swirls of the lips and the tongues, he felt dizzy as well. Zhan didn't let go of his lips until Yibo gasped and curled his fingers into a fist and smacked Zhan's chest. They finally pulled off, and Yibo panted heavily. 

"You're so wild gege..." Yibo mumbled in between heavy pants.

"I didn't even show my skills yet." Zhan blurted out.

"Shut up gege. Stop messing around. Don't you want to go home today?" Yibo asked with the red face.

"Yes, baby. Now let me sleep. There are so many works I left behind. Now come here, let's sleep. I know you didn't sleep the whole night because you were worried about me."

"No, what if my mom came?" Yibo protested immediately.

"I befriended your mother and brother last week. You hugged me and cried so hard in front of them today. Now they might know something anyway. Don't worry. Your mom is my friend." Zhan said proudly.

"You sly fox, you even caught my mom using your charms?" Yibo complained. but smiled meekly as he loved the mischievous new Zhan-ge. Yibo got slammed into the bed with Zhan hugging him tightly. Yibo was going to protest but went silent as he heard Zhan's sleepy voice.

"Shut up! Stop complaining puppy." Zhan mumbled while yawning. He curled one hand under Yibo's neck while the other one caressed Yibo's back. Yibo snuggled up to Zhan's chest. A familiar, mild scent of lavender filled his nose. He absolutely loves it, the Zhan's scent. He felt so calm and content. Before Zhan place a soft kiss in his forehead, Yibo got tangled up between Zhan's long limbs like a human pillow. Yibo didn't complain as he knew Zhan's sleeping style.

"I love you my little cub." Zhan mumbled in sleep. Yibo couldn't help but smile tenderly.

"I love you too my big bunny." Yibo snuggled to the warmth even more. Because of the soothing sensation of each other's warmth, they both fell into a deep sleep.

Linwen went to Yibo's room to wake them up because Yibo's mother had finished preparing breakfast. Yibo didn't come out after going to the room with Zhan, so they knew that he had also fallen asleep. So no one went to disturb Yibo because he had been up all night. When Linwen went to the room Zhan was hugging Yibo completely like a koala bear. Linwen couldn't stop smiling. Since he realized both of them were in deep slumber he was reluctant to wake them up. He covered them properly with the blanket, thinking to let them sleep a little longer.
To be continued....

There is a new story update. It is an omegaverse (YiZhan). If you guys are interested you can add it your library as well.

 If you guys are interested you can add it your library as well

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