Chapter 9: Saved by Him

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At the very moment Yibo heard a sound of a motorcycle. A guy jumped off his motorcycle and started to attack the nerds. Yibo gulped hard, grabbed his bleeding hand and got up from the ground. He forgot about the injured hand and joined with the man who had saved him and started fighting against those muggers. Yibo alone could not handle six but now that there is another person, so it's not a difficult task. Yibo, on the other hand, learned some martial arts while at university. He is not an expert but he can manage. Although Yibo could not see other's face because of the darkness, he realized that the other guy is an expert when it comes to fighting skills, because he had already knocked three of them in seconds even without Yibo's help.

Yibo grabbed a one man and kicked his stomach hard, that's when suddenly he heard a terrifying shout and it was sounded like that person was on the verge of death. When he looked in the direction of that sound, he saw the other guy beating  and strangling one man mercilessly. And it was the same person, who dared to stabbed Yibo's hand. Yibo's body trembled with the sight. He pushed the man who had knocked him earlier and ran up to the other guy. That's when he saw his face. That was non other than Zhan. Zhan's face was furious and he was fuming with anger.

Zhan was on his way home after checking the location that he mentioned in the morning. Both him and Yubin were so satisfied with that location and decided to sign the lease agreement right away. They talked with Mrs.Xiao as well as with Yanli via a vedio call and showed them the place and they immediately agreed with them. After his work is done he came back home. On his way home, he witnessed some petty muggers attempting to steal an innocent pedestrian, even trying to harm him. His blood boiled with the sight and decided to intervene. How could they ruin their peaceful neighborhood? He hadn't expected to see Yibo there. But when he saw his terrified face and bleeding hand Zhan lost his sanity. He became furious. How dare they tried to hurt him? That fuckers! Are they seeking death?

"Zhan no! He'll die! " Yibo screamed in horror. But Zhan was no way to stop. That man's face turned pale because he couldn't breath. The man clutched his neck while trembling, which was being strangled by Zhan and tried to remove Zhan's hand but it was in vain. Yibo began to panic.

"Zhan!" Yibo shouted, tried to calm him down but Zhan seems like not in his senses.

"Zhan no! please remove your hands from him. Are you going to kill him?"  Yibo screamed so hard while trying to push Zhan away from that man.

"Gege!!! Zhan-ge!!!" Yibo almost cry out, in trembling voice. When Zhan heard Yibo calling him Gege, finally he came back to his sense and pushed the man away.

That man hit on the ground, trembling violently. He started to cough while clutching his neck, trying his hard to catch his breath. Other knocked-out men stand up, limping and clutching their injured limbs, they ran away while helping others who are unable to stand. They just wanted to save their freaking lives.

Zhan approached Yibo, fished out his handkerchief and tightly wrapped it around Yibo's wound. Thank god, his wound is not too deep. Yibo had been staring at Zhan for this whole moment without blinking. He couldn't figure out the feelings written over Zhan's face; it could be fear, anger, sadness or it could be a combination of all.

Yibo winced in pain.

"Sorry! Are you all right?" At the very first time Zhan talked with him and also it was in a very soft tone. Yibo's heart skipped a beat and he felt lump in his throat. Zhan looked at him because he didn't respond, then realize Yibo was busy staring at him, immensed in his beautiful orbs. His stare was just hypnotizing. But before Zhan lost in the moment, he came back to his sense and broke the state as he wanted to take Yibo home quickly because he is injured.

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