Chapter 7: Rude

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Yibo dressed for work and returned to the dining table as usual. He saw Aunty Xiao, Cheng, and Zhan were already seated at the table. When he saw Zhan, he wanted to escape right away, but it was too late because Mr.Xiao and Cheng had already seen him. So he is unable to flee. Zhan was sitting in a chair with his back facing Yibo's side, so he didn't notice Yibo.

Mrs.Xiao gave him the usual motherly smile when Cheng shrieked at him suddenly while munching on food.

"Good morning Yibo-ge!"
Unlike his usual half sleepy face, he appeared to be very energetic today. Perhaps it was his imagination, but Yibo noticed Zhan flinching a bit when Cheng mentioned his name.

"Good morning!" With pounding heart he whispered and sat down at the table. He took a glance at Zhan but what happened next was unexpected.

Zhan suddenly stopped eating and left the table without even thinking twice. Everyone was taken aback by his rude behavior.

"Zhan you didn't finished eating. Where are you going?" Mrs.Xiao screamed at him. Zhan didn't even replied or spared a glance and went straight to upstairs.

"That rude brat!" Mrs.Xiao exclaimed angrily. Yibo looked down and blinked twice to control his tears. He was so hurt because no one in this house treated him so badly. But even without doing anything, Zhan looks already too bothered by him.

 But even without doing anything, Zhan looks already too bothered by him

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"I'll eat in my room next time aunty." He told her with a hurtful voice.

"Oh dear don't take it to your heart. I wonder what happened to him. He is not impolite as this. I'll talk to him. Don't mind him alright. Now eat your breakfast otherwise you'll be late at work." Mrs.Xiao consoled him.

Yibo lost his apatite but ate a little cuz he could not refuse Mrs.Xiao. Then he left the house for work but a sudden thought caused him to turn back before leaving the gate and he realized Zhan was standing there looking at him through his open window in upstairs. At the moment he saw Zhan's face, he thought for a brief moment that he saw sadness written over his face. When Zhan saw Yibo looking back, he left the window in minute.

Yibo let out a long sigh and wondered what kind of a person Zhan is

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Yibo let out a long sigh and wondered what kind of a person Zhan is.

Mrs.Xiao went to Zhan's room to have a talk with him. Zhan was standing there, near the window looking at the sky and lost in his thoughts.

"ZhanZhan." Zhan heard his mother's voice and came back to sense.

"Sorry Mom." He uttered in low voice as he approached his mother and sat down. Mrs.Xiao realized there is something wrong with him.

"Why are you apologizing now?"

"For the rude behavior in the dining room." Zhan replied feeling guilty.

"Mn, What you did was extremely impolite Zhan. What's with your nasty temper? You was never like this before. Did something happened?"

"He doesn't remember me." Zhan muttered in very low voice so his mother didn't hear it.

"Um.. What did you say? Couldn't here you."

"Oh.. no nothing... I mean there is nothing wrong mom. I'm fine." He replied.

"I don't think so. But it's okay if you don't want to talk about it. Anyway stop being too rude to Yibo. I don't know why you're being like this to him. He was so upset earlier and even didn't eat much. Did something happened between you two? You only came yesterday but you already hate him."

"I don't hate him" Zhan gritted his teeth.

"Whatever, I also need to ask about your work. Have you found a suitable location for your studio?"

"I looked at a few places but wasn't particularly interested. Yubin also said that he had found a place. I'll go and check it tomorrow with him."

"Alright. Tell me if you need any help, without going to do it all alone. Okay?" His mom patted his head.

"Ok mom." Zhan nodded.

"Mn, Did Jie called you?"

"Yeah, she called me few hours ago. She will come back in next week."

"That's good then. She can help you." Mrs.Xiao uttered happily.


"Yibo did something happened?" Kuan asked from Yibo in lunch time.

"Oh! no nothing. Why?" Yibo composed himself.

"You haven't been in a good mood all day. You seems so distracted. Always sighing heavily."

"Me? No way dude. I'm totally fine." Yibo gave him a forced smile. Yibo was confused by the way Zhan behaved in the morning, at the same time, he was so upset because he realized Zhan even hates his presence near him. It is very difficult because Yibo can't avoid him always cuz they both live under the same roof.

"Anyway, you walk home right?

"Yeah, what's with that?"

"Be careful on your way. Specially at night. There is a gang of muggers snatching valuable items of the pedestrians. They are active at night in desolate areas where there is no CCTV. Yesterday they snatched a purse and a necklace of a lady working in my department. They threatened her with a knife and stole from her. She was so terrified and even didn't came to the office today. So please be careful on your way home."

"Really? Didn't she complained to the police."

"She did. However, there is no evidence. That is the issue."

"That's awful. Anyway thanks for the news Kuan. I'll be cautious. However there is nothing worth taking away from me."

"Yeah, I know, and it's same with me but it's best to be careful anyway."

"Of course I will. Thanks again bro."Yibo thanked him and got back to his work after lunch.

A few days passed normally. Zhan was busy looking for a suitable location for his new studio. So he didn't spend much time at home. But when he were home, Yibo had seen him in every morning. Zhan always watch Yibo doing exercises in the morning while having his morning coffee or milk and enjoying the morning breeze. Although it was awkward for Yibo at first but somehow he liked to do so that he could see Zhan at least for few minutes. And, since this is his home, Zhan is free to stay however he pleases. So Yibo has no way to complain. Beside that, who knows if Zhan used to have his morning coffee every morning from there even before Yibo moved in?

To be continued...


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