Chapter 32: Love Birds

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It seems Ziyi is excited more than they are. Yibo became totally speechless.
"You and your dirty mind!" Yibo huffed with a red face.

"Seriously man! Nothing happened? Zhan was so excited when he learned the truth. And the way he rushed to you, it seems he is ready to eat you fully."
She smirked.

"Damn you, Ziyi!" Yibo cursed under his breath. Ziyi chuckled. It's so much fun to tease her best friend. Yibo dashed inside, ignoring his chuckling best friend.

This was the first time Yibo had visited Zhan's studio. The interiors were elegantly designed. There were two cabins in the upstairs.

Yibo also saw Haikuan there.

"We were lacking in manpower. So I brought him here. " Ziyi uttered.

Yibo looked down as he saw Yanli approaching him. He want to hide himself in a egg shell. As he couldn't dare to look at Yanli, he started to draw circles on the tile using his toe. Yanli tightly closed her lips to stop herself from laughing.

"So how are you, my brother-in-law?" Yanli teased him. Yibo really couldn't knew how to face the situation. But Yanli hugged him tightly.

"Take care of our A-Zhan." She exclaimed, hugging him. Yibo released a sigh of relief. He thought Yanli would be furious at him. But at the same time, Yibo felt a crack on his head.

"Jie..." Yibo cried out.

"It seems like I'm the only one who trusted you, but you never trusted me. I told you everything that I never even told Zhan. But you suffered alone without telling me anything. "
She said it with a hurtful expression.

"I'm sorry, Jie.I was afraid and guilty. You treat me so well. How could I tell something like that?" Yibo answered, lowering his head, looking down.

"But Jie... You hit me so hard." Yibo whined, rubbing his head where Yanli hit him. He saw Zhan was laughing while covering his mouth when Yanli hit him. Yibo glared at him.

At that moment, Yanli was about to say something, but at the same time, some delivery guys entered the studio. They were holding a name board for the studio, but it was covered. Yibo didn't pay much attention to that as it was covered and as Yanli talked to him again.

"It's alright. Your and Zhan's happiness is a must. Look at him, I never saw Zhan this happy." Yanli pointed at Zhan, who was laughing and bickering with Yubin while making the decorations. Yibo's heart was filled with warmth.

After he caught up with Yanli, he was now afraid of Mrs. Xiao. But Yibo's heart felt relieved as Yanli said her mother was happy to hear it more than anyone. But Yibo felt ashamed to face her. She was the one who gave him motherly love when he missed his mom. But Mrs. Xiao didn't say anything nor ask anything. She never showed any difference and patted his head with her usual motherly smile, and talked with him, when she saw Yibo.

Meanwhile, they've delivered all the equipment for the studio. They arranged everything accordingly and decorated the studio beautifully.

Yubin and Zhan left for a while to attend an important meeting. Yanli and Yibo ordered some snacks for them. After a few hours, Zhan returned and looked for Yibo.

"Jie, where is Yibo?" He asked as he notice Yibo is not with them.

"Might be in the upstairs cabin." She replied.

When Zhan went to the upstairs, Yibo was arranging a book rack in the cabin. His fluffy cheek was popped out because of a lollipop in his mouth.

"Ge, you came?" Yibo exclaimed happily, still having the lollipop in his mouth

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"Ge, you came?" Yibo exclaimed happily, still having the lollipop in his mouth.

Zhan's perverted thoughts just moved up again. His teasing mood became active as well.

"Wanna taste another lollipop? You'll ask for more if you try it once." Zhan grinned sheepishly.

Yibo became totally red. "Zhan-ge, Seriously! Can't you keep your perverted mouth shut even at a time like this?" Yibo wailed, embarrassedly.

Zhan came to Yibo and slammed him to the rack. He threw away the lollipop in Yibo's mouth and devoured his lips greedily. Zhan's mind went crazy as he could feel sweet taste of Yibo's mouth mixed with the taste of the lollipop when moving his tongue in Yibo's hot cavern. Zhan kept tasted those strawberry lips while sucking, bitting, kissing him, sliding his hands under Yibo's shirt sofly caressing his stomach then up to his nipple.
A series of mmn-s and oomn-s left Yibo's mouth suddenly as he couldn't moan loudly cuz Zhan was still kissing him aggressively yet passionately. Yibo's mind went blank. Zhan smirked in between kissing him as he found a sensitive spot of Yibo. Zhan kept teasing his nipple with his finger tip. Realizing that Zhan's grip was increasing, Yibo broke the kiss with a great difficulty.

"Gege plz, someone will come in anytime. Don't be naughty. Help me clean and arrange this cabin without being sneaky... Mmmmph..." Yibo uttered between heavy pants, but his words stuck in his mouth as the horny Zhan attacked him with a another aggressive kiss.

At the same time Yubin entered the cabin. He was haunted as he witnessed the scene unfolding in front of him. Yibo tried to get away from Zhan as he felt someone entered the cabin where Zhan let him unwillingly.

"Bin!" Zhan glared at him as he disturbed them.

"Yeah." Haunted Yubin barely uttered feeling so embarrassed with this horny couple.

"Shut the door and get lost." Zhan uttered again while giving him a don't-disturb-otherwise-you'll-be-dead look.

"Yeah." Yubin answered while exiting the cabin, slamming the door shut, feeling so done with them.

"Oh my eyes!" Yubin screamed while leaving.
"At least shut the damn door, you idiots!" Yubin turned and roared after exited the cabin. Zhan chuckled as he heard the the Yubin's rant outside. On the other hand Yibo was looking for a shovel to dig a hole and hide.

"I told you someone would come.." Yibo whined, hitting his chest. Zhan care less. He slammed his lips against him again.


After preparing everything for the next day, they went home. Everyone was exhausted. They straight went to the dining room but Zhan went straight to his room with some bags.

"Don't wait for me. Eat your dinner and go to sleep."
Yibo whined when he heard Zhan. Zhan gave a soft smile to him and went upstairs to his room.

Zhan came to downstairs after an hour and found Yibo fell asleep on the sofa while waiting for him.

Zhan came to downstairs after an hour and found Yibo fell asleep on the sofa while waiting for him

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"I told him to go and sleep but he said he'll wait for you." Mrs.Xiao said after Zhan came to the downstairs.

"Did he even eat?" Zhan asked worriedly.

"He didn't. He said he'll wait for you. But me and Yanli nagged him to eat as we don't know when will you be done. After only he ate." She replied.

"I'll tuck him in bed. He must be really tired." Zhan uttered while taking Yibo in bridal style. He went to Yibo's room and put him on bed carefully. Then covered him with a warm blanket.

"Sleep well, my baby rose!" Zhan caressed his soft hair, gently placed a soft kiss in his forehead and left the room.

To be continued...

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