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3 weeks later:

"we should've skipped" Cece whined as we walked through the hallways.

"you know I don't skip girl" I replied as we walked to my locker.

"we finna graduate and you ain't missed a damn day of school or skipped a class"

"and it's gone remain that way" I frowned feeling my stomach start hurting.

"you good?" Cece asked looking concerned.

I nodded drinking some water feeling nauseous.

"mhm you did take that plan b right?" 

"hell yeah" I said quickly.

as soon as I took a shower after I left Murda house we went and got a plan b.

I didn't want no kids right now.

"i'm glad" Ce said as the bell rang.

"can I go to the bathroom?" I asked feeling like I had to throw up.

I had been trying to keep my head down hoping the feeling went away but it didn't.

"go ahead you have 5 mins" the teacher said I nodded and walked out the classroom.

once I got to the restroom I immediately threw up.

i flushed the toilet and walked to the sink rinsing my mouth out.

i grabbed gum out my purse and put it in my mouth.

hopefully I wasn't pregnant.

Murda wouldn't claim my child and being a single mother wasn't for me.

plus my mother who knew how she would react.

she had her moods when she was nice and when she was bitchy.

"girl get yo' big ass outta here" I heard Jess say.

I rolled my eyes washing my hands.

"girl why do you keep starting with me? damn" I crossed my arms.

"why you don't defend yourself is the question" Jess rolled her eyes.

I ignored her walking out the bathroom.

"why you not in class?" I heard Cece say.

"I felt sick so I went to the bathroom" I said feeling sick again.

"want me to take you home?"

"stop tryna find reasons to skip and go to class"

"Te come eat" My mama yelled up the stairs.

I didn't have the energy to move I felt tired so I had been laying in bed taking naps here and there.

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