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1 year later :

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1 year later :

a lot had changed in a year for everybody.

Te'lani and Murda found out that Aniya wasn't his at all.

she had faked the papers.

it hurt Murda since he had got attached to her and grew love for her like she was his own.

Yvonne ended up leaving Aniya with her mother and running off.

she was gone run off and leave her with Murda but the DNA test came back.

Tru had turned two years old and the terrible two's was worse then ever.

Kirah turned 1 and was slowly getting into talking.

Ju and Cece worked out their problems and Cece ended up getting pregnant again.

she had their son Kasir a few months later.

everybody found out Rod had a baby and a girlfriend they didn't know about.

Te and Cece opened a small clothing business together and were making good money.

Overall everybody was doing good.

"you ready girl?" Cece asked grabbing her clutch.

"I don't wanna leave my babies" Te'lani frowned.

"all we do it sit in the house with the kids come on" She pouted.

"we can leave them all with Ju" Cece told her.

"you know Tru can't stand him"

"he so mean for no reason he finna sit his bad ass down and play or something" Cece said.

"he doing that right now let me get them ready" She said walking and getting the kids ready.

"what you wearing?" Cece yelled.

"find something!" Te'lani yelled putting the clothes on Kirah.

"mommy" Tru pouted standing in the doorway.

"hmm?" she mumbled looking over at him.

his nose was running and he was coughing.

"come here" she frowned picking him up.

she felt his head and felt he was burning up.

"you thirsty?" she asked going to get the medicine

he shook his head and clinged to her tighter.

"what's going on?" Cece asked .

"he's sick" Te'lani frowned tearing up.

"ok so why are you crying and he not?" Cece laughed.

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