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few months later

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few months later ...

Tru's first birthday...

"Wes don't drop my damn baby" Te'lani said as he tossed him in the air.

"he grown now" Ju said grabbing him.

"where Tobias?" Te'lani asked as his family and hers arrived.

"we don't know" they said at once.

Te'lani looked at them weirdly and watched as Cece walked over.

"girl if Murda don't get that old ass uncle of his" She said fanning herself.

she was 3 months now and was ready to have the baby already.

"girl damn you be blowing up so fast" Wes shook his head.

"dog face ass who the fuck?"

they started arguing and Murda walked up.

his eyes were low and red and he looked out of it.

"where was you at?" she asked smelling perfume.

"why?" he asked grabbing Tru out her arms.

"don't kiss my son" She said grabbing him back.

"your son?" He asked.

"that's what I said" she replied back rolling her eyes.

she looked at him again as the smell of perfume lingered.

"you not ruining his day we can talk later" she said walking away.

"cheating already?" She mumbled shaking her head.

"you good?" Vivian her auntie asked.

"yeah can you take him around while I check on the cake?"

Vivian nodded and grabbed Tru.

Te'lani walked into the house and checked on the cake.

she saw Murda sitting there texting on his phone and she ignored him.

he sat it down and walked up behind her.

"you mad?" he asked kissing her neck.

"move" she shrugged him off.

he scrunched his face up looking at her.

"you smell like a female tryna be on me how that work?" she asked.

"the fuck is u talking about?" he asked.

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