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"bae?" Melissa called out to Tatum

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"bae?" Melissa called out to Tatum.

"yeah?" he walked out the kitchen wiping his hands off.

Tatum was , the name of Tobias twin.

they had been using Melissa as a way to get closer to Tobias.

"when can I finally break things off with Tobias" she whined.

"not yet"

"they've been getting closer to figuring out he has a brother, he just found out about Damion!" Melissa exclaimed .

she was terrified being caught in the crossfire.

especially with Tobias getting closer to the truth.

"fuck you telling me for?" Tatum asked.

"if they find out you killed Te'lani mother and stabbed her cousin they will kill you" Melissa shook her head.

" how will they find out ?" Tatum questioned.

"all they have to do is find and question Damion, they know he's Te'lani father"

Tatum bit his lip anxiously , he was nervous.

Jessie promised both of them they wouldn't get caught and when it was all over they could live their lives.

what fueled Tatum's anger was the fact that Tobias was able to live his life care free while Tatum was locked in the house.

him and Melissa met through Jessie.

they had been planning to kill Tobias and Te'lani ever since she got pregnant.

"you're nervous aren't you?" Melissa asked him.

he nodded his head and she did too "I am too"


"Te?" Murda called her name

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"Te?" Murda called her name.


"what's yo' daddy name?" He asked her.

"Damion why?"

"him and my mama together, I met him when u was gone" Murda told her.

"you lying? he died when I was younger" Te laughed.

"do it look like i'm lying?"

"but I was told he died a little after he left"

when Te'lani father left her grandmother on his side told her that he had died in a car crash.

she was young so she didn't question anything else about it.

hearing he was still alive and dating Jessie was all shocking to her.

"how is he?" Te'lani asked.

"he a bitch" Murda shrugged.

"you still think I killed yo mama?"

"not so much i'm just convinced your mother is lying to you about something" Te'lani told hun.

"lying about what?"

"you having a brother or something it doesn't make sense how somebody who looked exactly like you stabbed Cece but it wasn't you" Te'lani shrugged.

" you right" Murda said tapping his foot.

"you heard from Ju?"

"yeah he doing better he been with Cece more now"

Te'lani rolled her eyes knowing Cece had changed how she felt about everything.

"i need to go check on her" Te'lani mumbled.

her and Cece haven't talked in a week and she was getting out the hospital soon.

"ong y'all both childish"

"is that all you do is talk shit?" Te'lani mugged him.

"is all you do is accuse people of killing yo mama?"

"hi cousin" Cece said seeing Te'lani walking in the room.

"i missed you" Te'lani hugged her gently.

"I missed you more i been in this damn room with Ju the whole time" Cece complained.

"it's good he's being here for you now" Te'lani nodded.

"it is but at the same time I need a little space" Cece said.

"you getting out the hospital soon anyways"

"i know i'm excited, and lemme tell you what I found out" Cece said.

"so basically I was talking to a few older nurses and one of them were Jessie nurse when she gave birth, but the thing is she told me Jessie never gave birth to just Tobias she had another son as well"

"another son..." Te'lani looked off.

"yeah and what's so crazy is once the doctor came and checked him her mother came and took him" Cece told her.

"i still got my key to all the rooms here i'm about to go look in the records"

"ouu this some nancy drew shit" Cece smiled.

"bye girl i'll be back" Te'lani said walking out the room.

she got on the elevator and hit the button to where the records were held.

"hopefully I don't get caught i'm gone knock all this shit over"Te'lani said digging in her purse pulling her key out.

she inserted it into the door and walked in making sure nobody saw her.

"when her old ass have Tobias" she mumbled doing the math.

she went to the records and found the year and looked for her name.

Te'lani skimmed through the folders until she found the folder.

Te'lani smiled and walked out the room she got back on the elevator.

the folder contained information that could clear any bad thought she had of Tobias.

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it's gone be a few more chapters before i get to that lovey dovey shit 🪬.

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