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everybody gathered in the church as Wes family cried.

"damn he really gone" Ju mumbled shaking his head

his death was hitting everybody hard.

"this shit crazy" Murda shook his head as tears built in his eyes.

"thank you for coming" his mother walked up to them.

"ain't nun mama" Ju hugged her.

Murda hugged her and she walked around some more.

"she way to put together i wouldn't be able to do it" Cece said.

"girl yo slow ass" Ju looked at her.

"bitch you still on thin ice say sumn else and watch i show out in front of god" Cece mugged him.

"i digress"

"stop cussing we in church" Te'lani looked at him.

"can't tell me god ain't cussed in his life time shit" Ju said .

Tru started whining causing Murda to grab him and walk outside.

"shut that shit up" Murda looked at him.

"bitch" he said lowly.

"what you say?" Murda asked him.

Tru looked at him and smiled.

"iah drop you rn and yo mama won't know"

"bitch" he said louder.

"at church though?"

"hey" Yvonne popped up in front of him.

"wassup" he kept it simple.

"so how you been?" she asked Murda.

he didn't have to much to say to her and wanted her to keep it pushing.

he knew why Wes didn't bring her around either

"coo" he mumbled.

"damn why you being dry i just wanna talk" she laughed.

"you to put together for yo nigga to be dead gone inner and do sumn" he waved her off.

he saw Tru was sleep and walked back in the church and sat down next to Te'lani.

"it's starting" Cece mumbled at Ju who was punching somebody kid.

"on Skylar bald ass you better stop kicking my leg" Ju mugged them little boy.

"fuck you bitch" he bucked at Ju.

"not in gods home" Ju mouth dropped.

"tyrone sit yo' butt down" his mama yanked him

"aw his name tyrone I understand" Murda said nodding his head.

the pastor walked up to the podium and started talking.

"what the fuck he talking about?" Te'lani mumbled more to herself.

"pastors get up there and say everything but what need to be said what kirk franklin gotta do with Wes?" Cece asked.

"excuse me shhh" a old lady tapped her.

"i apologize" Cece gave her a tight lipped smile.

"ho acting like it's a real service" Cece thought.

"our singer will get up here and sing a song picked out by his kind friends" the pastor said.

"it's that 27 piece missing some pieces" Ju shook his head.

she started singing and Murda eyes widened.

"oh she thought she was Mary j blige no mnh mnh" Cece covered her ears.

"y'all wrong" Te'lani held in her laugh.

"Wes would be so disappointed" Ju shook his head.

"thank you sister T" the pastor cut the song short.

"ouu thank god" Ju held his hand up.

"hallelujah!" a old lady yelled.

"ik damn well-"

"Murda can i talk to you?" Yvonne asked.

"no" Tru answered.

"why you need to talk to him?" Te'lani walked up asking.

she could see her staring at him the whole time.

"just to clear some things up" she smiled.

"go ahead then" Te'lani told her.

"alone" Yvonne forced a smile.

"ain't no alone time what you want?" Te'lani looked at her.

"i'm sorry I know you mad i was dating Wes. what we had was special and I messed it up and I know messing with your friend was bad too"

"why you saying this at his funeral?" Te'lani asked.

"because he seemed bothered by the fact that me and Wes was dating"

"you bothered?"

"nah" he said truthfully.

"ok then, he cool he don't need you tryna explain nothing to him go grieve or something" Te'lani said grabbing Murda.

"you should've walked away when the bitch tried to talk to you, don't play with me this the second time you did this shit" Te'lani said as they got to the car.

"mannnn" he dragged.

"boy don't play with me them ex's of yours love you and you give them the time of day you didn't even need to stop for her the fuck" Te'lani said getting in the car.

"i hear ya" he got in with her.

"do you really?"

"yeah i'm sorry"

"mhm" Te'lani mumbled putting her seatbelt on.

"that bitch weird girl you at his funeral tryna give some closure to his friend you was messing with before him" Cece said.

"not even that he stood there like he wanted to listen" Te'lani said.

"make sure ain't no feelings there for her, she seem sneaky"

"she didn't seem sad at all he died at the funeral bitch was to busy tryna talk to him"

"i peeped her walk in when he walked in from taking Tru outside"

"imma talk to him hell nah" Te'lani shook her head.

"how my niece doing?" Cece asked her.

"she doing" Te'lani answered.

"i hate you" Cece laughed hanging up.

Murda walked in the room with the towel wrapped around his waist.

"you got feelings for Yvonne still?" she asked him.

he turned around and mugged her.

"the fuck type shit?"

"y'all was talking outside when the funeral started and then when we was about to leave y'all was about to talk"

"i don't got no feelings for that girl, i didn't even talk to her outside. ain't even gone do you wrong knowing you got my kids" he shook his head.

"mhm ion trust her"

"nobody do that's why ian talk to her" He shrugged sitting on the bed.

"so why you stop like you was finna talk to her?"

"i didn't i was finna walk off then you walked over, ain't gave that bitch the time of day since we broke up" he said truthfully.

"ok" she said still iffy about it.

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i've never been on to stretch a bookkkk so this mf finna end.

i love y'all 💙

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