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"where you going?" Tobias asked me

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"where you going?" Tobias asked me.

"mall" I lied.

I was going to lunch with Jordan but I knew he would flip if he knew I was going out with somebody.

"mhm ight call me when you get home" He told me.

i nodded and grabbed my purse walking out his house.

I got inside the car and texted Jordan telling him I was on the way.

"hey" I hugged Jordan.

"wassup, you good?" He asked as I sat down.

"yeah my stomach been hurting though" I rolled my eyes.

"you towards the end of your pregnancy right?" He asked.

"yeah I can't wait to meet my baby" I smiled.

"who the daddy?" Jordan asked as the waitress brung us menu's .

"you probably don't know him"

"you forgot I knew everybody before I left" He mugged me.

"his name Murda" I shrugged.

he made a face but quickly changed it.

"problem?" I asked him.

"nah just tryna remember where I heard that name" he told me.

"oh ok" I nodded looking at what I wanted.

"are you guys ready to order?" The waiter smiled at me.

"yeah, i'll get the blt with fries on the side and a water" I told him.

he nodded writing it down before taking Jordan order.

my phone vibrated and I saw Cece texted me.

Cece ♥️👯‍♀️

you sure you at the mall? bc we shol don't see you and Murda stomping around looking dumb .

i'm at lunch with Jordan... why is he mad anyways?

you pregnant with his baby he wanna know where u at , at all times !!

and what I say about that stupid ass nigga?

but i'm grown he can't just keep tabs on me 24/7.

well i'm covering for you and saying you went to get food somewhere else.

thank you !♥️

"you good?" Jordan asked me.

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