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3 years later :


Te'lani bit her lip softly as she felt Murda slide her thong over.

he ran two fingers over her slit before inserting them into her.

"fuck" She moaned breathlessly as he roughly slid his fingers in and out of her.

they made eye contact as he continued his actions, he could feel her clench around him causing him to pull his fingers out.

she let out a small whine as he flipped her over.

she arched her back deeply as she felt him push hisself into her.

"ouu fuck" She moaned loudly as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

he propped on leg up on the bed and gripped her hips as he sent powerful strokes to her.

"you feel so good mama" he whispered in her ear sucking on her neck.

Te'lani let out a moan in response as he grabbed her hair and sped up.

"slow down" she mumbled pushing his stomach.

"don't run Lani" his voice came out raspy as she began clenching around him.

"i'm not" She whimpered as he kept hitting her spot repeatedly.

she closed her eyes as she started to cover his dick with her cream.

"enough" she moaned feeling tired already.

"turn over" he said she laid on her back and he pushed her legs behind her head sliding into her again.

"Murda" she moaned gripping his wrist.

"hmm?" He mumbled looking into her eyes still stroking in and out of her.

"what Lani?" he sped up seeing her moans were getting caught in her throat.

"t-take some out" she stuttered biting her lip watching him slid in and out of her.

"you told me you was gone take it" he smirked at her.

"i lied" she moaned putting her hand on his stomach.

he grabbed her wrist and put them over her head.

"what's my name?" he asked speeding up as the headboard hit the wall.

Te'lani could barely speak feeling so much pleasure.

"fuck" She hissed as he slid out of her and roughly slammed back into her.

"f-fuck it's daddy" she moaned loudly .

"you look so sexy" he said as his voice deepened.

"i gotta cum" she said as tears brimmed her eyes.

"hold it" Murda instructed slowing his strokes down.

"but I can't" she moaned feeling her legs buckle.

she started to squirt causing Murda to pull out of her.

"turn on yo side" he told her.

she did as told and she felt him get behind her and slide back in her.

"ok wait" she moaned feeling him more then before.

"mnh mnh" He bit his lip slowly gliding himself in and out of her.

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