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"so you not gone come around?" Ce asked Te'lani

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"so you not gone come around?" Ce asked Te'lani.

"no as long as Ju takes Tru over there I don't care"

"but you didn't even let him explain it's probably more to the story, listen i'm not defending him but for all you know Jordan is setting him up" Ce shrugged.

"how if his face is in the picture?" Te'lani exclaimed.

"you never know Te just try to talk to him he's been asking about you" Ce laughed.

"i heard he got a girlfriend why he so worried about me?" Te'lani asked.

"girl we all knew Murda had feelings for you before you left, and when you left out of nowhere he thought something happened to you"

Te'lani scoffed at the fact that Murda had feelings for her.

"he doesn't have feelings for me" Te'lani tried to sound convincing.

"how you gone tell me how this boy felt when he told us?" Ce shook her head.

"well he should've told y'all he killed my mama"

"you so stubborn you gone have to talk to him eventually, Tru turning 1 in a few months"

"well when the time comes it'll come" Te'lani huffed.

"i'm telling my mama on you because she gone want you to know the full story too" Cece mugged her.

she was mad at first when she found out about everything.

but she knew Murda saw Brittany as his mama too.

so she knew it couldn't have been him, she thought Jordan photoshopped the picture.

"i'll talk to him when i'm ready"

"Ce?" Te'lani yelled walking out her room.

she could here crying and she saw Cece holding her stomach with blood coming down her legs.

"what happened?" Te'lani asked grabbing her keys immediately and helping her outside.

she had took a nap and Ce was sitting in the living room.

she didn't know if she was giving birth or having a miscarriage.

"h-he stabbed me" Cece cried out holding her stomach.

Te'lani furrowed her eyebrows putting her in the car and speeding off.

"who?" Te'lani asked texting Ju.

"he looked like Murda but it wasn't him though" Cece explained.

"how couldn't it have been him?" Te'lani asked speeding through cars.

"he didn't have the tattoos Murda had or the scar under his eye" Cece groaned applying pressure where the wound was at.

"is that how he got in? you thought he was Murda?" Te'lani said pulling into the hospital.

she looked back at Cece and saw her eyes was slowly closing.

"Cece wake up" Te'lani voice cracked seeing her eyes fluttering back open.

"we're here you'll be fine"

Te'lani used all her strength and grabbed her out the car walking into the hospital.

everybody eyes shot to eye and the nurses ran over.

"what happened?" a doctor asked lifting Cece's shirt.

"i woke up from a nap and heard her crying I walked in and saw her stabbed" Te'lani explained.

"how far along is she?" A nurse asked as they put her on a gurney and wheeled her to the back.

"8 months" Te'lani said tapping her thigh.

"we're gonna have to perform an emergency c-section on her , are you her only family?"

"no her mother and boyfriend are on the way now" Te'lani told her.

"we'll do everything we can" The nurse said walking off.

"what happened?" Ju walked in.

"she was stabbed I don't know I was sleeping and didn't even hear her screaming for help I got her here as fast as I could"

"you good?" Tobias asked her and she ignored him.

"she's in surgery right now they had to perform an emergency C-section"

"she see who did it?" Wes asked her.

"yes she said he looked like Murda but it wasn't him" Te'lani said.

all eyes fell on Murda.

"it wasn't him" Rod confirmed.

Te'lani scoffed and let out a bitter chuckle.

"fuck is the issue?" Murda asked mugging her.

"may you stop talking to me ?"

"dumb ass kid" Murda mumbled sitting down.

"so if it wasn't him who the fuck was it ? unless he got a mfn twin running around he did the shit" Ju stood up.

"if he was with us the whole time how the fuck he gone do anything?" Wes asked.

"right right" Ju nodded sitting back down.

"nigga a dumb ass" Murda laughed.

"where my damn daughter at?" Breanne yelled walking in with Tru.

"what's going on?" She looked at everybody.

Te'lani didn't want to explain the story again so Ju did.

"hmm take him" Breanne handed Te'lani , Tru.

"so you stabbed my daughter?" Breanne looked at Murda.

"why the fuck would I stab her?" Murda huffed.

"she beat up yo' sister shit" Breanne shrugged.

"it wasn't him, you sure yeen got a brother?" Ju asked Murda.

"yea" Murda nodded.

"so then who stabbed Cece?"

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