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Tobias moaned watching Te'lani twerk on his dick.

her juices covered his dick as she felt him grab her hips.

he started to fuck her roughly, Te'lani moaned loudly trying to scoot up on the bed.

"mnh mnh stop running" he shook his head pulling her back.

"it's to much" she whined putting her hand on his stomach.

Tobias ignored her speeding up, Te'lani eyes rolled in the back of her head as he grabbed her throat and brought her into a sloppy kiss.

"i gotta cum" Te'lani moaned hiding her face in the pillows.

"wait for me" Murda moaned feeling his nut build up.

"Te'lani stop" he moaned feeling her clenching around him.

"i-i can't" She moaned uncontrollably as she squirted all over the both of them.

Murda moaned pulling out and nutting on her back.

"turn on yo' side"

Te'lani did as told and Murda spread her legs and slid into her slowly.

they both moaned as he pounded into her roughly, Te'lani juices oozed down her legs covering Murda's dick.

"shit" he moaned rubbing her clit as he continued to stroke in and out of her.

Te'lani moans grew louder causing Murda to cover her mouth.

he continued to stroke in and out of her until he felt his dick tingle inside of her, Te'lani moved Murda's hand and began to rub her clit.

she bit her lip feeling pleasure from herself and Murda , "fuck Murda" she moaned throwing her head back cumming.

not to far behind her Murda nutted inside of her, he pulled out of her and flipped her over.

"hold yo' legs" He told her.

she nodded and held her legs behind her head , Murda ran his tip along her soaking slit and watched as her breath hitched.

"tell me what you want" he said lowly still rubbing his tip up and down her slit.

"i want you inside of me" she said breathlessly feeling impatient.

"mhm" he groaned sliding into her.

Te'lani eyes hung low as she watched him slide in and out of her she could see her cream coating his dick already.

she didn't understand how he was able to make her react how he did.

"you feel so good" Murda groaned watching her juices squirt everywhere.

"deeper" she moaned scratching his back, Murda slid the rest of himself into her and she gasped loudly.

"oh fuck" Te'lani moaned as tears brimmed her eyes.

Murda sped up hitting Te'lani's spot repeatedly .

Te'lani eyes rolled in the back of her head as she felt her arms get weak she let go of her legs and felt them go weak as she felt a familiar feeling build up in her stomach.

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