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2 weeks later:

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2 weeks later:

"y'all ready?" Tobias asked through the phone.

"yeah i'm coming out now" Te said hanging up

"mama i'm leaving love you" She yelled up the stairs.

she walked out the house locking the door.

"you so heavy"

"why didn't you ask for help?" Murda asked grabbing the car seat.

"didn't need it" Te lied walking to the car.

Murda strapped buckled the seatbelt across Tru and got in the front seat.

"it's not gone be my whole family just a few" He told her

"mhm just ready to get it over with"

"hiii welcome" Jessie smiled brightly.

Te side eyed her.

"bitch must be off something" Te thought.

"hi how you doing?" She asked her.

"i'm fine , just ready to see my grand baby" Jessie looked in the car seat.

"hmm" She squirted hand sanitizer in her hand.

"mama who at the door?" Jess asked walking out the kitchen.

" your brother" she told her picking the baby up.

"let me hold him" Jess said and i shook my head.

they told me what she said about not wanting nothing to do with him.

"why can't she hold her nephew?" Jessie rolled her eyes.

"she said she wanted nothing to do with my child so why hold him?" Te'lani asked

"it's her decision mama gone" Murda waved her off.

"it whatever" Jess shrugged walking off

she felt a way about not being able to hold her nephew.

"hey cousin" Cece said walking up with Ju.

"i'm glad you came" Te'lani smiled.

she had to beg Ju to come and bring Cece.

"girl Ju not happy about it" Cece laughed .

"he'll be alright let's go find Saniya" Te'lani told her.

"make sure he ok" She told Murda.

"girl i know what i'm doing"

"anyways" they walked off.

"girl so why the whole time I been here Taylin n nem been staring"

"so she really friends with them?" Te'lani asked .

all Taylin did was talk bad about em.

"girl yes after all that shit she said but that's bitches for you" Cece shook her head.

"you must be Tobias babymama nice meeting you" a older woman walked up to them.

"i am , i'm Te'lani nice meeting you"

"i'm Rose, his grandmother where's the baby?" She asked.

"in the house with Jessie"

Rose nodded and made her way into the house.

"all they doing is staring ain't saying shit"Cece looked at everybody staring.

"Te'lani! Cece!" They heard their names being yelled.

they looked and saw Saniya.

"hey babes" they both hugged her.

"why you by yourself ?" Cece asked , she usually interacted with the whole family.

"girl Taylin turned the family on me" Saniya chuckled bitterly


"so she's telling the family I chose y'all over her and that i got around y'all and got to acting funny. but that's nowhere near the case" Saniya explained.

"there she go right there" Cece pointed.

Jess looked over at the 3 and rolled her eyes.

"what?" Cece asked her.

"nothing just not understanding how she letting all the family hold my nephew but me" Jess crossed her arms.

Te'lani looked around seeing Murda taking him around to the family members he actually messed with.

"you said you didn't want nothing to do with my son that's not my fault"

"whatever you bitter for that" Brionna said.

"you really bitter Murda not messing with you" Saniya chimed in.

"mind your business Saniya this has nothing to do with you" Taylin said.

"girl why you even talking? snake ass bitch" Cece mugged her.

one thing she hated was a snake of a friend.

"snake? this my whole ass cousin" Taylin mugged.

"you was talking abt her and the bitches she hanging with now y'all destiny's child?" Cece crossed her arms.

"girl what? you sound dumb"

"nah you sound dumb, i'll really smack you down in front of everybody" Cece stood up.

"Untun sit down not here" Te'lani pulled her down.

"girl please i'm nowhere near scared of you" Taylin looked her up and down.

"at this point walk away it wasn't a reason for y'all to walk over here" Saniya waved them off.

"yeah ok we see where yo loyalty stand" Jess said walking off with them behind her.

"the dumb leading the dumb" Te'lani shook her head.

"hmm he crying" Ju handed her Tru.

"because he don't like you" Te'lani laughed rubbing his back.

"he love me he just hungry" Ju waved her off.

"when we leaving? i'm ready to go not gone lie" Cece said.

"me too but this Murda family thing and he wanted them to meet Tru"

"girl y'all can leave they don't care" Saniya said frowning.

she really only had them outside of Taylin.

"ok let me go tell him"

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