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"why you here? and how yk where we stay?" Te'lani opened the door to Yvonne .

"i just wanted to talk to Tobias about something" she said.


"when we broke up I found out i was pregnant" She said playing with her nails.

"ok??" Te'lani eyed her weirdly.

"it's his" Yvonne bluntly said.

"ok" Te'lani said letting her in.

"i'll get him and y'all can talk" she walked off.

"get up" she shook Murda.

he smacked his lips and opened his eyes looking at her.

"what?" he mugged her.

"Yvonne downstairs go talk to her" Te'lani said with a attitude.

"about what?"

" go see"

Murda stood up and Te'lani eyes averted to his print that was showing "fix that" she turned her nose up.

"i can't" he said walking out the room.

"stupid bitch" Te'lani mumbled following him out the room.

"what you need Yvonne?" Murda stared at her with a blank expression.

"remember when we broke up?"

he stale faced her and nodded his head.

"well I found out I was pregnant" she told him.

"and this concerns me how?" he asked adjusting his basketball shorts.

her eyes shot down and Te'lani smacked the back of his head.

"w-well she's yours, your mother even got a DNA test" Yvonne handed him the paper.

"knowing her this shit fake" he handed it back not bothering to look at it.

"i promise it's not" Yvonne said.

"what you have?" Murda asked her.

"a girl , her name is Aniya" she told him.

"how old is she?"

"3 she'll be 4 in a few months, the only father she had ever known was Wes and he's gone now so she needs her real father"

"why didn't yo- nvm i'll mind my business" Te'lani shook her head.

"yeah do that" Yvonne looked her up and down.

"who you talking too?" Te'lani squinted her eyes.

Yvonne waved her off and her attention was back on Murda.

"i'll bring her to meet you later" She stood up.

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