Chapter 1

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Mahira POV

It was such a lovely morning... As i opened the window soft wind touched me. Subhan Allah what a wonderful glory it is to be woken up to see sun rising and slowly the city is rising with it too.

"Assalamualaikum mom.. How are you?" I asked mom.

"Walekumasalam beta.. I am fine and you? " She asked me.

"Allahamdulilah" I replied.
It was my little daily routine to exchange greeting everyday.

"So what's for break fast today? " I asked mom

"Pancakes" mom said battling her eyelashes.

I quickly started arranging the dining table.

"Assalamualaikum beta" Dad said

"Walekumasalam Dad" I gave him a side hug.

"What's going on Dad these days you seem worn out... Is anything disturbing you?? You know you can share with me!!" I asked him in a serious tone.

"No beta.. Everything is fine. Who said that i am worried" he quickly replied.

I don't know but something is bothering my parents.. They are not showing but something is there.

I don't know I kind of having a feeling that something very big and bad is going to happen. I quickly shook away my thoughts and began eating my breakfast.

"Okay bye mom and dad Assalamualaikum.. Meet you soon."

Getting in the car and driving on full speed is something i like.

As i reached the main door of my university i was greeted by my lovely best friend Sanya Abdullah. Who was tapping her sandal and glaring away in my direction.

"Assalamualaikum Sani.. Whats up" I asked hr.

"Walekumasalam Ri... I guess we were supoosed to meet half an hour before but obviously someone forgot" she was damn angry.

"Oyeee.... I am sorryyyyyyy" I made my best puppy face.

"Okay okay this time i forgive you." She hugged me

"You know Sani i am having this weird feeling that something bad will happen and that is sure" I told her.

"Listen Ri first of all you cant be sure of anything 'cause its in Allah's hand. And second thing stop thinking so negetive. Now com'on lets go to class." Sani told me wisely.

After five hours of non stop lecture it was time to head home.
I wasn't able to find Sani and I was too tired to wait for her so I quickly send her text that I am going home and I'll meet you tomorrow.

After half an hour of driving I reached home. "Assalamualaikum" I shouted.
"Arey dad ua home and that to at this time?? " I asked suspiciously because the house was decorated very well and mom was going from here to there.

"Walekumasalam beta... Yes I am home early because today is you're engagement." Dad replied

"Ya.. Sure dad why not!!" I also played along with Dad.

"No beta we are not lying indeed today's your engagement." Mum replied coming close to me.

"No.. This cant be true.. This is a prank.. Com'on dad just now i came from uni and i'm in no mood of this kynda thing." I replied casually plopping down on sofa.

"Mahira Khan we are not lying and we are very much serious about this. Now go and freshen up your dress and everything is on the bed... Quick!!" Mum replied sternly.

"Dad this isn't people are lying I mean com'on I am in my last year and I never dreamt of this hapening suddenly and that to behind my back.Like i dont even know who the guy is?? I am not doing any engagement.. Thats it" I raised both my hands and to say that I was angry would be an understatement.

"Young lady.. Watch your voice and control your tounge.. We have decided what was better for you.Today is your engagement and tomorrow is your Nikah... And mind you if you plan running away or any kind of other thing. Now up to your room" Mom was shouting.

I quickly ran to my room and cried my heart out. I called Saniya and told her everything she was beyond shock. Even i was not believing dat my own parents could do this? There is something which they are not telling me.

After praying maghrib I was crying and asking Allah to guide me as to what is right and wrong.

Mom called Saniya and she was staying with me till my rukhsati.

Saniya helped me in getting ready. I was wearing a pink lehenga with a matching hijab.. With a tint of light make up and pale pink lips. My house was hustling and bustling with guests and caterers. I always imagined my wedding and each an every function to be spent happily but not like this not against my wish. Dad came to my room. By seeing dad Saniya went downstairs leaving me alone with dad.

"Masha Allah my daughter is looking very beautiful. Arhaan is a very lucky guy I must say." Dad said taking my hand in his hand. "I know beta you have many questions running in your mind right now but have patience and trust Allah we will reply to your questions but at the right time. Till then keep smiling. Dont make us feel bad. " dad was very guilty.

"No dad please dont say this you both have not raised me with such low morals I can never let down both of you. This is surely not my morals. You dont worry about today i've accepted my fate. " I told dad.

"My baby.." Mum came and hugged me and we both started crying.

Soon Saniya came to take me downstairs. I was feeling very conscious. Ladies and gents section were seperated.

"Assalamualaikum bhabhi I am Aamna your sister.. And my my i must say bhai is very lucky to have you as his wife. You are very pretty Masha Allah." Aamna told me. Aamna is a very pretty girl Masha Allah. Her hazel eyes and her brown hair makes her stand out more elegantly. She's very fair.

"Now dont trouble my daughter in law Aamna.. Masha Allah we are blessed to have you in our family. I am Aayat Sheikh your mother in law. " she raised her hand to bless me on my head.

Soon ring exchanging ceremony took place.. Everyone was happy enjoying the moment. Many people came to me to congratulate me I was tired from smiling (fake) to the photographers.

After three long hours I was finally in my own room and in my old comfy clothes. A knock came and i quickly opened the door thinking it must be Sani but nope my mom was standing.

"Mom,any prob? You should have called me. "I asked her. She just shook her head and sat on the bed, she asked me to sit down beside her by patting her hand beside her. I sat down beside her.

" my child from tomorrow onwards you'll be someone else's wife. I've just come here to tell you that now he is your everything, you will never raise your wise to him nor you will misbehave with him, no matter whatever circumstances are there you will abide by your wife duties which is to please your husband in any manner. How ever he treat you always show gratitude and respect towards him and always say thank you to him 'cause over there he'll be the one only who will help you. If its his fault in any matter never you will point out his mistakes.. Just keep faith in Allah for he is the one who is sealing you for together. Always seek your refuge in Allah." She explained to me very calmly.

"In sha Allah mom I'll not let you and dad down in any way. I'll perform all my duties with respect and dignity." I assured mom.

"Shabba Khair beta"
"Shabba Khair mom"

Assalamualaikum everyone so this is my new book I hope you all like it. Votes and comments are always welcome and do share my stories also.

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