Chapter 13

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This chapter is dedicated to Ahsanafarhathps @hajrah99 whose comments and votes always make me smile and motivate me to write more. Thank you to all of my beautiful readers...from the core of my heart.

I woke up for fajr and did my usual things. Then I went to his room to wake him up. When I opened the door I was surprised to see that he was not in his room. I checked the washroom but he was not there. May be he went out for work.

Last night I didn't remember when I felt asleep waiting for him. I don't even know that after that night I can go in front of him or not...because he had asked me to not to show my face to him. Crap!! I'm totally stuck in between.

I sighed and went into my room prayed my namaz and red Quran. I went to his room again to make things all ready for him. Strange he was still not back. What happened?? Why is he not back?? I guess he went to office early..may be some work. Aha...I'll get my answers soon.

I quickly rushed into the kitchen because I knew whether he went early or is out he'll not leave the house in the morning without his first cup of coffee. But there wasn't any sign of cup in the sink. And he never washes his dishes. So no chance of leaving his cup washed.

I guess he might be working late..may be he never came house only last night. My dad also sometimes spend the night in the office only due to work. While I was busy in my thoughts my phone rang..and I ran to my room thinking he might have called me.

Without seeing the caller id I picked up the call. " Assalamualikum my are you??" Dad said from the other side. I don't know why but I felt disappointed not that I wasn't happy to hear my dad's voice but still I thought that he might have called me. Yeah...I'm also mad why will he call me as if he has my number.

We both don't have each others number. Foolish?? Right...but what to do?? If he's not interested only in talking to me then I couldn't force him na!!

"Princess are you there...hello??" Dad's voice brought me back to present from my thoughts land!!

"Yeah yeah..nd Walekumasalam..I am fine and how are you all??" I asked showing my fake enthusisam.

"We all are fine my say is he treating you good??" He asked. I could sense his fear in his voice. I didn't wanted to make him more tense so I decided to not to tell him anything.

"Yes Dad you don't have to worry...he is treating me well.." I assured him with all my will power.

"If you say so" He said. I know he didn't buy my excuse but obviously I just cant tell him the truth.

" don't have to exaggerate things now...I'm fine..and yes he's taking care of me...well but are you taking care of yourself??" I asked him with raising my full eyebrows..which he can't see of coarse!!

"Yes..yes I'm taking care...okay will talk later had to go to office. Give regards to him." He said.

"Okay..Assalamualaikum" I said and ended the call.

I sighed...a very long sigh...Ya Allah..I don't even have his will I know where he is? I just hope he is all fine...please Allah don't ever let him happen anything..I have already forgiven him for whatever he had said.

I then remembered that that day Rehan had given me his number..and had asked me to call him if needed. May be he knows...after all they're best friends.

I quickly dialed his number and after seventh ring he picked up the call.

"Hello..who is this??" He asked

"Hii...Assalamualaikum..I'm Mahira" I told him. I was so damn nervous.

"Walekumasalam are you??" He was now at top of his lungs.

"I'm fine but how many times should I tell you to not to call me bhabhi?? If you'll call me bhabhi..then I'll also call you bhai" I told him

"No..nope...not happening...okay what makes you call me??" He asked.

" you know where he is??" I asked him tapping my fingers.

"He must be in his office or home?? Why?? He is not in home??" He asked.

"Umm..I don't think he came back last night. And haven't seen him since morning or any sign of him..or any of his things?? Can you please find out??" I asked him.

"Mahira he is your husband you should call him and ask..why me??" He said. Now this is a tricky question.

"I know..but I guess you know please..Rehan I'm worried and I don't know anything about him..please I want him to be safe" I requested him and I don't know when I started crying.

"Mahira..please stop crying..Arhaan is fine In Sha just don't worry...I'll call him right now. Just give me five minutes." He said and ended the call.

Whole five minutes were like five years..with each second passing by I was going more and more impatient. I just wish he is alright...I don't want anything else.

Rehan finally called. I was so happy. "Hello...what happened did you got any information about him??" I asked him impatiently.

"Umm..yes..he is in Hong Kong. Yesterday in the night directly from the office he went. He'll return at the end of this month. He has gone for some business work." He said. I couldn't say anything to him. I just ended the call.

I was shocked. He didn't even thought of informing me once also. So what if he consider me his MAID...MAIDS are also has to be informed. Here I was worried sick for him and he over there was doing his work without me letting know!! He went for one whole freaking month and left me here all alone and I was thinking that he had actually started taking this marriage seriously.

And here I was trying to give myself comfort for him. Ya Allah why did I have to fall for him?? Why?? He doesn't even remember that night. If he just didn't care about me..then why did he have to save me. Why did he have to caress me?? And on top of that why did I had to kiss him??? Why???

Why Arhaan?? Why you have to make me so weak and vulnerable...why??? I red my namaz and thanked Allah for keeping him safe. I was thankful to Allah that he is safe and fine.

I just laid down in my bed and pour my heart out!!!

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