Chapter 38

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Arhaan POV
The doorbell rang and I went to open it only to be welcome by a punch. "Ouch man!!" I shrieked. And someone gasped when I saw who it was Mahira.

"Sani" she said. Oh!! So she is her best friend. But why the hell did she punched me?? "This punch was for beating the shit out of her and leaving her out in the cold" she said. Before I can say anything I was slapped!! Wait what the hell was her problem??

"This slap was for treating her like a maid" she hissed all the way glaring at me.

"Saniiiiii" I saw Mahira shouting and was almost running towards us. Oh!! No no...running is bad for her. I quickly straightened myself and was about about to call out to her to not to run well I again got a kick. Where??? Holy moly where the sun doesn't shine...I fell on the floor..I hissed in pain.

"This one's for making my best friend's life a living hell!! Now whenever you wish to hurt her or treat her bad..just remember these three things..but if you somehow forget then I won't mind at all to make you remember back" with that she walked towards Mahira and hugged her. I cursed under my breath.

"Arhaan, Arhaan are you alright??" Mahira came to me and she sat beside me.

"I'm fine, I'm need to worry. Come get shouldn't be sitting like this" I told her..and we both got up.

"You hit like a man girl" I said to her.

"Well I have more to show" she smirked.

"Sani" Mahira mouthed to her "don't".

"Fine..where is your room. I'm tired!!" She said. Wait!! Her room?? Is she gonna stay here??? Damn...means now I'll be getting bruises frequently.

"Coming with you." Mahira replied. She turned towards me and said "go to your room I'll be there in a minute" she walked towards her. I sighed.

I went to my room and was inspecting my wounds. I cursed..when it sting me. Damn her!!! Soon the gate opened of my room and Mahira entered with a first aid box. "Sit on the bed" she said.

I went and sat on the bed all the while hissing and cursing. "Stop cursing haven't gotten that much hurt also. Just a little bit of cut and that's it" she said inspecting my face.

"Are you out of your mind?? That girl punched me, kicked me, slapped me...and you're saying that I'm not hurt???" I said with very much shock evident in my voice and face.

She took a deep breath and said "so what you want me to do?? Take you hospital and put her behind the bars for just these three things??? Grow up Arhaan."

"Yeah..grow up!! If anyone here needs to grow up is that girl, she surely needs to grow up" I said in annoyance.

"Correction she's not "that girl", she is Saniya" she glared. "And it was your fault only why you have to mess with her??" She said.

She surely is out of her mind. "I think you're having a memory loss. I didn't mess with her, I only opened the door and then everything came to me instantly" I replied.

"But you sure messed with me so the outcome was natural" she said and shrugged.

"Why did you have to say her everything??" I asked.

"Why do you say everything to Rehan??"

"He is my best friend"

"So she is mine"

"But he sure doesn't go punching around people who had messed with me"

"Because he also believes in nonviolence just like me"

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