Chapter 20

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I prayed my fajr and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I was still upset by yesterday's event and due to that I didn't even went to his room to wake him up. But I did set the alarm with an adhaan ringtone at the highest volume and kept it on his bedside table. So what I'm angry but I had to remind him everytime for namaz.

"Mahirrrraaaaaaaaaaa" I heard a shrill voice of him. What's the need to drag my name?? I didn't rep to him.

"God did you kept that annoying stupid thing and that to at such a loud volume???" Here we go means he is up!!! Time to make his brekfast....
"Are you insane or what?? And your annoying voice is less disturbing that you had to do this??" He was sleeping so hard that he didn't even realize that I didn't woke him up??? Yeah must be dreaming of that shit!!

"I'm talking to you girl" he said by crossing over his hand. Wait, when did he came down?? Just a second before he was shouting from up na??? "You're coffee will be ready in fifteen minutes" I replied the exact opposite. Time for some play Mr. Husband ^evil smirk^.

"I never asked about coffee?? What is wrong with you?? Since last night you're behaving like this..what is up with you??" He asked in an irritated tone. He was standing right at the back of me. I quickly turned and I was face to face with him. He was looking so handsome early in the morning. His bangs poking his eyes, his messy morning hair. How can someone look so handsome right after getting up???

"Well thank you for the compliment but I'm waiting for my answer" he said. Wait, thank you??? O.M.G I didn't said that loud?? Did I?? Crap Mahira you are supposed to be angry with him not to drool over him!!! I was blushing so damn hard now. He was chuckling away. I glared at him and pushed him away.

I quickly opened the fridge and took out milk all the while glaring at him. "Mahira what is it girl?? Why are you not talking to me?? it about yesterday? Crap..I should've known before" your bad luck!! "Are you jealous of Laiba???" He asked with his eyebrows raised. Did he just said that???

"Jealous and that to from her..I guess you still haven't woken up from your sleep properly" I said with all my will. "Achha then what is it??" He asked. I ignored..tit for tat... "Fine, you want to play this way then good for you." He was annoyed. I'm loving it!!! He grabbed my waist and forcefully turned me towards him. we were too close..and I didn't like it at all.

He leaned closer and I leaned back. Okay, so now he was very much close to me...I hate this when he do something like this. "One thing I must say, you have a perfect belly...but I would like you to cover up..I don't want anyone seeing you like this" he said very softly causing goosebumps all over my body. He lightly touched my belly with his fingers making me red.

He pulled away, winked and turned. I then noticed that I was wearing a crop top with a shrug and sweatpants. I know its not a good combination..but still. Thank God I was wearing my hijab. But wait, did he just winked??? That means he knew from the beginning and he was acting.

I quickly grabbed some onion and potatoes and started throwing at him. He turned and smirked "you took so long to realize this?? It was a good sight to see and that too early in the morning" he teased. I threw with more force at him...Jerk...!! Jerk jerk!!!


After praying Asr prayer, I was folding the mat when I heard sounds of shuffling something from downstairs. I quickly went down to see Arhaan giving orders to the labors. "What is all this about??" I asked him.

"Ahh..I see, so you're dressed properly" he replied. I rolled my eyes.

"Arhaan will you tell me what's going on??" I asked him out of patience.

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