Chapter 45

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This chapter is dedicated to all my readers who have voted and commented on my story from the beginning.

Laiba POV

I loved you so much Arhaan with all my heart and soul..and I wanted to be your wife Mrs.Laiba Arhaan Sheikh but it all came crashing down when you got married to that shit.

But I still loved him..because he was the first boy in my life who had taught me to love and to fall for someone. And that someone suddenly became him. And then we started dating. I don't know what you're dad saw in me that he instantly rejected me as his daughter in law.

I was still very much okay with it..but when he told me that he got married to that girl..then also I was very much cool with it because I knew that he will love me and will never love her or will accept her as his wife. So I told him that I'm not angry and I trust him that he'll be loyal to me.

But I don't know what the hell happened or what made him change but he started falling for her and he took me for granted that I'll not be able to see the changes in him. But he was a fool...I knew it from the very first day.

Whenever I use to call him..he use to always make excuses and he had even started ignoring my calls. And he thought that I'll be okay with it, I'll ignore was wrong. I'm not Mahira that I'll just sit back and relax.

I didn't wanted to do anything against Arhaan but I can't help it. I had to do it because I can't loose Arhaan, I love him too much to let him go away. I won't be able to see him with anyone else so this was only my last option. And it went well..he believed it easily.

I knew that his meeting was over early and he'll be going to surprise her..and at that time only I called him and faked my sickness. And without thinking twice he came to me. And purposely I chose that hotel because I knew that they were in that hotel only. So it made my work more easy.

The hard thing was how to make him drink. But that also happened easily. Without thinking he gulped down the drink. After he finished drinking I went close to him and hugged him. I also kissed him but soon sleeping pills started their action and he was fast asleep. I quickly discarded his clothes and mine and slept beside him not before opening the door.

I even tricked that little boy's parents and had to pay them a lot of money. And soon Mahira was in the room. I thought that she'll actually throw some fit but nope she quietly went away. And when he woke up I thought that I was caught but nope he again believed me. Such a fool he is!! I knew that he'll doubt himself because he had already made it clear that he'll never do such thing but I had to make sure that he believes me and he did...oh! Arhaan how can you be so dumb???

Suddenly i was snapped out from my thoughts by me cell ringing...It was his call only, so now he misses me?

"Hey baby..missing me?"

"Obviously sweetheart"

"Tell me what can i do?" I said twirling my hair

"Can we meet?"

"Yeah...sure". Now I was smiling like a planned worked!!

"Be there in an hour". He said and hung up. I quickly sprang up from my bed and rushed towards the washroom. I quickly got dressed and was eagerly waiting for him.

Arhaan POV

It's been almost a month now since she has left me and there's not a single day that i haven't missed her. We tried everything to find her but we are not getting a single's as if she doesn't want us to find her. but still i haven't lose hope and i know we'll soon track her. I was such a fool to trust Laiba and love her, I have always loved her with all my heart and soul but i don't know how I felt for Mahira.

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