Chapter 6

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Mahira POV
Its ten o clock now and uptil now he hasn't come. God where is he?? May be he is stuck with loads of work but atleast he could call me and inform me. Yeah...he will inform me?? That angry young man who know nothing but only to slam the door shut!!

It's three o clock now..its high time now. I think I need to go out and check but where will I go I no know where. I heard a honking of a car. Allah ka Shukar he is here I'll not leave him he had to answer my questions. But what I saw shocked me.

He was drunk totally drunk. He couldn't walk properly. He was stumbling. He made his way to his room and just fell down. I quickly went to him took off his socks and shoes. Straightened him on the bed. Took off his coat and tie. All the while ignoring the tingles and butterflies escaping from my body whenever I'm touching him.

I covered him with the blanket. I couldn't help but I sat beside him. My fingers automatically caressing his hair. I placed a small kiss on his forehead. He looks so peaceful while sleeping. And I realised I'm falling for this Angry Young Man. And at that moment I decided that I'll bring him back to the right path no matter what it takes. I'll be his light.

I don't know when I started crying. I quickly went to my room and cried. How can I start falling him who doesn't even look at me. How can I love him??

It was eight o clock now I only slept for two hours that to after Fajr. I knew he won't be able to get up early at six...and he'll be up by eight but with a bombastic headache. I quickly got freshen up. Got ready at a very fast pace.Blow dried my hair. Pinned my scarf securely. Made a cup of coffee and also took Asprin and water with me.

As I entered his room I was right he has just woke up now. He saw me and I could see the anger evident in him. "You..useless creature how dare you enter my room without my permission" he was shouting. I quietly put the things on his side table.

"You're of no use. I don't know what my parents saw in you. If you really think you're my wife then you should had woken me up at six!! But need your own beauty sleep" I think hangover is at its peak he only shouted at me now that how did I enter his room without his permission and now he is saying I should have woken up!!!

Well slept peacefully at night while I cried for you. I had only slept for two hours and this made your blood boiled..wao..osum!! I wanted to say this to him but I didn't. "How dare you touch me 'cause I clearly remember that I never changed or took off my clothes...who do you think you are?? You are no one...girls like you are just like old files" boy it did hurt. My heart crumpled and went into a corner. Why can't he see that I'm also trying for this marriage. Why can't he see that I love him.

"Listen I know you're very much angry but you can shout at me afterwards. First take the pills and drink coffee. It will ease your headache." I told him politely. He didn't said any thing else and quickly did what I told him. "And came home late around three am. You slept straight away because you were so much drunk. Even if I had woken you up you wouldn't have gotten up. You were sleeping that hard." I told him. He didn't said anything.

He wasn't going to office today. I heard him saying to someone over the phone. I went to gave him juice just once but he was sleeping so I started making food and doing house chores. I need to ask him about the maid. After a while door bell rang I quickly went to open the door.

"Assalamualikum Rehan bhai. Come inside. How are you? How is everyone in home?" I asked him smiling.

"Walekumasalam bhabhi. Allahamdulilah everyone is fine and please don't call me bhai it makes me look old" he was laughing. This made me laugh. "Where is your husband?" He asked smiling.

"He is in his room you go up I'll bring something to munch." I told him. He quickly went up. I quickly set the plate ready with some nachos, cookies and wafers. Took two cans of diet Coca Cola and placed it on the tray and took upstairs.

I knocked on the door when he told come in then only I went inside. I placed the tray on the bed. " I'll eat snacks but next time I want to eat dinner made by you." Rehan bhai told me.

"Yeah sure..why not today?" I asked him it was already evening. And He has skipped lunch by saying he is full. "Uhh..not today bhabhi...we are going out tonight..but pakka next time" he said assuring and making a cute puppy dog face. Which made me chuckle. I didn't miss the glaring of him. He was glaring at his own best friend. But why?

When he was ready I went to his room. Rehan bhai was waiting outside.
"Umm..excuse me I need to ask something" I asked him unsurely. First he looked at me as if I had grown two heads will it look if I seriously grow two heads. This was not the time to comment.

"What??" He asked.

"I wanted to know about the maid service of this house. I mean it has been two weeks since we had come here and not one day also any maid came?? Why??" I asked him. Inside I was totally scared. What if he shouted at me. But no instead of shouting he smirked.

He didn't said anything but continued doing his chores. When he was leaving he turned around looked at me and then said.

"You're my and my house maid. With you living here why waste money on maid. What do you think why I married you?? Ohh..don't tell me that you actually thought that you're my poor girl!! You're not my wife...You're my MAID!!" With that he left.

I was hurt. Very much hurt. I just couldn't control my balance and fell down on the floor. Tears were pouring out from my eyes. I brought my legs near my chest and cried. His words ringing in my ears.

AM I HIS WIFE OR HIS MAID??? His heart answered.

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