Chapter 37

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"What is wrong with him??" Rehan asked.

"No idea" I said and shrugged.

"I guess he's jealous" he said.

"Jealous?? Why??" I was shocked.

"You know..we both getting along" he said popping some nuts in his mouth.

I was now beyond shock...Arhaan, I mean the Arhaan is jealous??? I think I'm dreaming..but I was enjoying this also.
"Let him think whatever he wants. I know that I'm your little sister and your my big brother" I said smiling.

"Yesssssss" he said smiling.

After sometime Arhaan came down and sat beside me. I quickly got up and went to the kitchen. Did the dishes and put everything aside.

When I came out of the kitchen Rehan was already gone and he was watching TV. Didn't he have to go to office today??? Now I was getting bore and you'll be the prince and I'll be the princess, it's a love story, baby just say yes..yes this was my caller ringtone which has been purposely put by one and only "Sani".

I went to my room and picked it up.
"Assalamualaikum" I said as I picked up.

"Walekumasalam" she replied.

"How are you??" She asked smiling.

"I'm fine Allahamdulilah, oo..oohhh.. Someone's in a good mood" I teased.

"Yes..because I'm coming to New York the day after tomorrow" she shouted.

"Whhaaaatttttttttttttt???????" Now it was my turn to shout.
And Arhaan was right outside my room with his mouth open and a shocked face. I gave him my best who gave you the permission to eavesdrop look?? He just nodded his head and said that I heard you shouting. I shrugged and started walking towards him.

I could see he was getting nervous..and wanted to say something but I slammed the door shut right on his face. Now I guess he will understand how it feels if someone shut the door right on their face.

"Earth to Ri....where have you gone?? Are you sleeping?? Wakey wakey..." She was shouting.

"Yes..yes I'm here. So tell me shopping done??" I asked. Let me tell you Sani is a very big shopaholic, she needs a reason to shop.

"Ri.." She asked. I knew she wanted to know everything.

"Yes Sani" I tried to play innocent.

"Spill" she ordered.

"Nothing just a few bruises here and there" I said.

"Bruises???" She asked shocked.

"Yes.." And then I told her everything. I just don't know why we can't hide anything from our bff?? And how do they get to know that we are lying??

"Now I'm finally done with him" I said as I wiped my tears.

"Listen Ri, you're not supposed to waste your precious tears for that douche bag" she said. And this made me laugh.

"No..seriously he needs to be trained" she said.

"I know..but now I'm not going to do anything..I only need to live here for two months and then I'll be free or moreover he will be free" I said.

"Wait..what do you mean??" She asked.

"I'll leave him after two months" I said.

"You'll leave him to enjoy his life with Laiba after spoiling your life???" She asked.

"So what do you want me to do?? I can't kill him or I just can't slap him. I can't even kick him out of his own house and If you think that by telling his parents will be his punishment then let me tell you it will be worse because then they will convince me to live with him again and what more may be he'll leave his position of a CEO. Then what?? After some time when everything will be alright he'll again get back his position and then everything will be same. But what will be missing will be the regret.

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