Chapter 34

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Rehan POV
God I'm sick and tired now where the hell are they?? Why isn't anyone picking up the call?? From the past half an hour I've been trying to call Arhaan but he isn't picking nor bhabhi is picking. Even the house phone is going off!!

Today I and Arhaan had to attend the meeting together but God only knows where he is?? I think I should go to his home and check if he's there or not. I quickly grabbed my jacket, car keys and rushed towards the car.

I still remember that day when Arhaan called me all pissed and said that his dad had forced him to marry this girl Mahira. He was so angry that he was literally banging everything but now I'm very happy that Mahira has came in his life because she is the only one who can bring him back to the right path. And I can see he has actually started changing.

Arhaan was so not like this before. This all started when Laiba entered his life. She changed him totally. Love had made him blind that he didn't knew which way he was going. At first I liked Laiba and thought she was the girl for Arhaan but as time passed by I knew that she can only bring loss and gloom in his life.

I had warned him many times but he is happy with Laiba and he doesn't want to believe me. But I just hope whenever he see the real face of Laiba he'll regret whatever he has done with Mahira. And I just don't know what to say about Mahira she is so damn perfect. I mean she has gone through so much but still she is not giving up on Arhaan.

I salute to her patience. When I see Arhaan and Mahira together only one thing come in my mind that they are made for each other. No matter how much he denies but for one day also he'll not be able to live without Mahira.

He himself don't know but in reality he's dependent on her and why he shouldn't be?? After all she's his wife!! He loves her and cares for her but he's not ready to accept. God knows when he will get some sense. My cell start was Leena.

"Hello" I said.

"Good morning Mr.Ali" she replied

"Good morning Leena, how may I help you?" I asked.

"Yes..actually I've been calling Mr.Sheikh from past half an hour and he's not responding. I've tried calling his house phone but that's off. I've to remind him for today's meeting" she said in one breath.

"Leena calm down. Don't worry, even I'm trying to call him but in vain. So I'm going to his house..and yeah we both will come together. You relax" I assured her.

"Thank you so much Mr.Ali" she said.

"Anytime Leena" I said and ended the call. God how much it has snowed last night. Almost everything was covered. But thank God the road which leads to his house is not that packed with snow.

I reached his house and parked the car. The guards were looking at me as if they wanted to say something.

"Everything's fine??" I asked and they just bowed down weird!! I walked inside and O.M.G the front garden was full packed with snow. I kept on walking slowly just in case I don't trip. But I guess luck was not in my favor and I slipped and fell down.

I so much hate this!! I was pulling myself up when something caught my eyes near the bench as if someone was sitting on the ground. "Excuse me" I said. No reply.
"Hello" I shouted but still no reply. What if it's a werewolf?? Or a bear?? Or a hunter?? You forgot one more thing what if it's a ghost all covered in snow?? As it is ghosts are white?? Remember Evil Dead??My mind mocked at me. Damn!! What is wrong with the CCTV?? Aren't they working?? What if something has bad happened??

I slowly and steadily took small baby steps towards the bench but what I saw made my mind go on a roller coaster ride!! That something was Mahira!! Holy shit...what is she doing here??

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