Chapter 18

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As requested by nabilaa156 Arhaans POV is here and muslimah_by_faith I couldn't help but had to pen down your hint in this chapter and btw jazakallah for your hint and for all my lovely readers here is the update. Hope you all like it. Do votes and comments.

I quickly got in my car and started to drive but I wasn't feeling excited at all to meet my baby..don't know why? May be because of her voice or her tears that were about to fall.

God what is she turning me into?? Despite of my shouting everyday in the morning she still wakes me up for fajr. I know I used to pray and read Quran but I don't know how and when I lost path and became the spotlight of the glamour and paparazzi world. My dream was to always be on the top and yes right now I am...but why I always feel that something is missing.

May be I'm not going in Sujood or not reading Quran that's why I'm not in peace...but why didn't Laiba not once also led me to the right path?? Why she didn't poked me everytime for praying like Mahira does? She even texts me to remind me to pray..though I never respond (yes now we have each others numbers)!! Damn why I am even comparing my baby to her?? And on top of that why was I in the home today??

I know I know that I didn't went to the office but I could have spend time with Laiba instead of staying in the house?? And I'll never forget that we almost kissed each other?? And I was the one who took the first step?? I mean ME?? I only told her that she's my MAID and yet I did this?? God no matter how much I try to run away from her..she pulls me back to her.

She must be crying now that after spending such lovely times together I left her just like that? If someone would have done the same thing with me I would have punched that person so hard!!! What kind of a girl is she?? after behaving so bad with her still she is so good to me?? And here if I don't call Laiba she bursts upon me...

While I was deep in my thoughts Rehan called me..I quickly turned on my Bluetooth "Assalamualikum" came his voice.

"Walekumasalam" I replied smilingly.

"O.M.G are you Arhaan?? I mean am I talking to Arhaan Sheikh???" He asked a bit exaggerating.

"Yes Arhaan it is"

"Dude you gave me a lifetime shock by replying to my salaam"

"What?? I only replied..Isn't that everyone replies to salaam??" I replied casually as if it didn't bother me at all...but from the inside I was freaking!! I was shocked that how did I replied?? I don't even remember last when I had said salaam or replied.

"Huh...let it be. I'm your best friend buddy...I know you much better than you know yourself" I bet he was smirking.

" why you have called??" I asked a bit bluntly. I know I'm being rude but I can't help it he is embarrassing me.

"Hahahahahahaha...trying to turn the table...nice try bro" he was laughing.

I groaned. Tell me why did I even selected him to be my best friend???

"Rehaaannnn" I was pissed now.

"Okay okay...I called you just like that. What are you doing?" Finally he was normal.

"Nothing just driving to Laiba's place..meeting her?!" I told him unsurely.

"Arhaan seriously man something's wrong with you?? You are going to Laiba's place and your not at all happy?? This is strange very strange" he asked curiously.

Crap..without seeing me also how can he understand me so much???

"Umm..nothing..I don't know I'm not feeling good of meeting Laiba today" I told him honestly. May be he could help me.

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