Chapter 16

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Arhaan POV
Its been almost one hour since she left my room..after giving me her "lectures". Huh..what does she think of herself?
" I'll never accept sharing you with someone" so then don't accept who is asking you to accept me??

And huh..yes..I'll marry my jaan...and that to with your'll come to me and tell me that you yourself is giving permission to her. Wait MAID...wait...this is just begun!!

But boy..this was the first time I saw her in this way. She was never fierce,or bad mouthed...she didn't even back chatted once so what happened down was beyond imaginable. I guess she's overcoming of her crush!! Little girl...humphh!!

I was interrupted by Rehan...he was calling.

"Heya brother...whats up??" I asked him.

"Oho someone is in a good mood today..what happen??" He asked

"Ahh..nothing just a little bit of fun"

"Achha so what that fun included??"

"Cat fight" I couldn't help but chuckled..when I remembered those two fighting and that to over me. Ahh...see I told you girls fall on my feet..they just can't resist me..

"What do you mean by that?" He was very much confused.

Then I told him everything how I purposely made Laiba to come with me. How they both fought and how she lectured me.

"Are you mad??? How can u let Laiba in to your home??" He shouted.

"Excuse me!!!"

"No you're not at all excused...let me tell you Arhaan what you've done what total coward people do. By your own means you were not able to shut her out of your you used Laiba method!! Isn't it just wow...and what if Mahira brings her boyfriend if she has or any guy friend then what will you do??" He snapped.

I don't know why but whatever Rehan said about Mahira made my blood boiled. No I will never allow that...never...

"Rehan, Laiba is not any method...she is my life...and this is Laiba's home also..she can come at any time or any day..and I never used her in any sense. Someday or the other Mahira had to know the why not today?" Now I snapped "and yes how can I forget? You belong to Mahira's fan following.."

"Listen Arhann...I follow who's fan following is my concern..but what you've done is not right. If they met by chance..or in any other occasion..that time situation would have been different..but now not only Mahira is affected your Laiba must have also been hurt. A girl can listen if you talks about other women...that time also they'll be angry...but not like what happened today. I don't know what Laiba thinks now or do..because you very well know that I seriously don't like her..something in her makes me doubt her love for you..but I'm your best friend so I'll be happy in whatever you choose..but after today's act they both surely will not be in peace..atleast Mahira won't be." He explained. And then we ended the call.

I quickly got changed into my grey lower and black hoodie wore my loafers and went down to kitchen..I was hungry. Let see what I can eat. As I was halfway to the stairs I saw Mahira in the kitchen..looks like she is cooking.

I would love to eat...what?? I eat her hand made cooked food...because she cooks well!! She was also wearing her pjs and baggy top...whats with her to cover her hair?? Why she's always wearing her hair wrap around me??

I went inside the kitchen and quickly poured myself a glass of juice.."what are you cooking?? I'm hungry" I told her taking a sip of my juice.

"Meatballs with rice, baked potato and salad" she replied without looking at me.

"Umm how long will it take??"

"About an hour"

I was rubbing my stomach now God I was very much hungry. She looked at me...but she again turned away. She put something in the oven. I was actually confused!!! After some seconds...she gave me a plate of veg grill sandwich. My mood instantly brightened up. I quickly took the plate and started munching on.

Without saying anything..she started cooking. I was halfway to my sandwich when Rehan words strike in my mind. What if she actually had a boyfriend..or she is still friends with any guy friend. I don't mind being her friends with guy..but by thinking only of any blood boils.

"Do you have any boyfriend or had any one???" I just blurted out.

She dropped the spoon she was holding. She was shocked totally shocked. She quickly took the spoon washed it and started cooking again. This made me more curious.

"Mahira I asked you something"

"It doesn't matter"

"It does matter to me"

"Why you're so suddenly interested in my life???"

"Its my wish when I take interest or not" now she was making me angry.

"I don't feel like answering you" she snapped.

I caught her from back and pinned her to the kitchen island she was now facing me. "Answer me" I repeated. She was petrified. She was scared. But It didn't helped her in anyway because her blush was now clearly visible. Its good to see that I have so much effect on her. Her lips parted but she didn't spoke..Ohh!! How I wish to kiss those lips... Now isn't the time Arhaan.

"Tell me" I hardened my grip on her back and brought her more close towards me. I could clearly hear her heartbeats which was beating very loudly. She was now looking anywhere but not towards me..I jerked her towards me she now looked at me..her hazel eyes were shining at their peak. "Mahira don't try to test my patience..because I'm sure you'll not be able to handle yourself next" I told her very slowly in her right ear.

If that time she was blushing then now she had turned into scarlet. I inched myself more closer towards her face her eyes were now wide in horror. I was so enjoying this. "No" she spoke for the first time. I raised my eyebrows but still I never pulled myself back. I want a full answer and unless she never gives me a good answer I'm not leaving her.

"No I never had any boyfriend..or any guy friend..I always wanted halaal love. There used to be boys in my uni but I never made any friendship..they were just my fellow colleagues." She said looking at my face. I was satisfied with her answer and somehow I was relieved.

I inched myself more only an inch gap was left between our lips. Our eyes never leaving each others gaze. "I guess you need to make all over again" I told her. Her eyebrows twitched in confusion. I motioned her towards left. Her eyes grew she was angry. I left her back and smirked. I took an apple with me and went out of the kitchen. "Within one hour dinner should be ready" I winked at her. Her expression was priceless.

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