Chapter 26

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Yeeaah...I'm going home today..I'm getting discharged from this place!! The past three days was just awful and only medicines and injections...I'm so happy.
Arhaan didn't came to see me once also from that day. May be he got caught up in work or something?? But Rehan came everyday and spent time with me...lately we had become good friends.

" you're ready to leave this place??" Rehan asked.

"Very much" I said eagerly. "Umm..where is Arhaan???" I asked him, searching around. He might be paying the bills..I was now looking at Rehan "he didn't came?? Didn't he??" I said. It hurts!!

"Ahh..chalo lets get you out of this spider web??" Rehan asked. I nodded. I didn't wanted to sit on the wheelchair, I decided to walk..I know I can barely walk without someone's help but I had to get used to it because everytime Arhaan won't be there for me in the why not from now?? And if something happens now, I can always rush back to my doctor!!

Ahh..the pain was too much!! Wao..I just managed to stand up from the bed and this much was the pain?? What will happen when I'll walk?? "Mahira please..sit on the wheelchair..stop being so stubborn" Rehan said.

"I'm not being stubborn Rehan I'm just making myself use to this pain. Who'll help me in the house Rehan??" I said. He sighed.

I took one more step and I closed my eyes tightly just to avoid the pain..I couldn't even hold Rehan because I won't like it. And he's not a mehram also. I took one more step and yeah I lost my balance..before I could fall somebody caught me and my whole body was on fire..shiver ran down my spine.

I looked and yes it was Arhaan. God he was looking smoking hot in his casuals. He was wearing a light brown boat neck tee with a faded cream color cargo pants. Yes, he was looking hot. I just love his grey eyes..!! "If you've finished drooling over me can we go??" He said breaking my trance. I quickly looked down.

Geez...Mahira you literally don't have any self control. I heard Rehan's  chuckling. I glared at him..he quickly surrendered his hands up. He hold me from the back with his one hand and from the other he held my other hand. I couldn't stop blushing.

"Will you stop's kinda annoying!!" He said.

"Do you even know how close we are??" I said.

"Yes because some one was being stubborn!!" He rolled his eyes.

"And I never asked for someone's help" I said.

"Yeah..and we saw that" he said sarcastically.

"Why are you even here?? Pretending Oh sweet husband!!" I said battling away my eyelashes.

"Ouch!! That hurts. And btw aren't you happy that you're husband is here with you?? You always wanted this??" He said sternly.

"But I never wanted this forcefully" I hissed.

"In this state also you need to fight??"

"I'm not fighting it's just you're being rude"

"Yeah yeah..every one can see that!!"

"Stop  being sarcastic!!"

"No..I won't"

"You're annoying"

"Learned from you"

"Says who"

"Guys guys...stop bickering you two. If you two have forgot then let me remind you both that this is hospital and not please carry this on in your home." Rehan said in between our talking.

We both stared each other it was more like glaring!! We were almost halfway. Wao..and I didn't even felt the pain...
"Arhaan you don't have to do this we both know that you don't wanna get see with you can go. I'll come." I said.

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