Chapter 52

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"Now..." And he turned...but he was looking down.

"Look at me Arhaan" I spoke


"Please" I said and he looked up. Tears were flowing from his eyes. "You should have noticed."

"What??" He asked.

"That Laiba was cheating on you, creating unnecessary differences in our relationship, You should have been the one to find out the truth when she said one thing to me and the second thing to you. You should have been the one to notice and not Rehan." I said each and every word clearly.

"You don't think that I know that??" He said looking straight into my eyes.

"If you would have done that, then all, this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have ran, You wouldn't have lost the chair, Yahya's heart wouldn't have been broken...and the list goes on." I said.

"Do you think that it was all so easy for me?? When you ran away, my heart rip open from my body and that's when I, gone mad. Mad, mad for you, my wife, my love...and I promised myself to make Laiba's life a living hell, because she broke us apart and You ran away from me when she came in between us with her dirty plan." He said and clenched his fist.
"I did so wrong with you and still you blame Laiba for all of this??" He said.

"So you want me to blame you?? Fine, You screwed up everything." I said.

"Thank you" he said venomously.

"You have always pulled me, in a position where I have to defend you always. Why?? Because I love you..." I shouted breathing hard and tears pouring down.

"Then stop loving me..." He said clutching the side of bed hard!!

"I can't..." I shouted.

"This has to end." He said closing his eyes.

"It did end. Didn't it just ended when I walked out of that door, five years back??"

"Yes, It did..." He said nodding his head.

"Then what are you doing here??" I yelled.

"Because my love brought me here, because you brought me here. I'm here, because I Love you damn it!!! Nothing in this world, except Allah, can stop me from loving you...Not you also" he said breathing hard and it was difficult for me to stop myself from breaking down after listening to his confession.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. I didn't knew how and when I became heartless. I should have given you a chance. I'm so sorry" I spoke as I took a baby step forward.

"No..please you don't have to say sorry. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine. I was the one who treated you like a maid, I hit you and left you all alone in that cold night, I hated you, I insulted you...You did the right thing Mahira by leaving me. Because if you wouldn't have done that, I wouldn't have felt sorrow, anger, hatred, and most importantly Love, love for you. So don't be sorry." He said and took a baby step forward.

"No, Arhaan. I said and again took a step forward.

"What you've done, no wife could do. What not did I do to you?? But you still still stayed Mahira and that's what matters" he said and took a step forward.

"We're married Arhaan, It was destined to happen...I didn't do anything great Arhaan...I did what every wife is suppose to do. But yeah, after that night, I lost all control and yes you were right, I trusted you and I knew you haven't done any such thing but yes I was scared, I was a coward and I ran Arhaan, I ran away from the truth, I ran away from listening the truth, I ran away from you" I was now crying badly as I took a step forward.

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