Chapter 5

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Mahira POV
Today I never slept only after Fajr. I was wide awake. I was roaming in the kitchen deciding what to make for the breakfast then I remembered that there's no maid. I guess she might be on a holiday. No issues I'll clean till she not return. I'll ask him about it.

I was so busy in my thoughts that I never notice only when He came in the kitchen and he was going to make himself a cup of coffee.

"Assalamualikum...please leave it. I'll make it for you." I told him politely

"Listen keep on remembering your crush and fanning yourself. Stay away from me and my life!!" He spatted angrily. I was frowning. Someone has not got a good sleep. Now I was angry and I was on the verge of giving him a peace of mind but I remembered Mom's words and I sighed....a really long sigh.

He was now sipping away his coffee and reading newspaper I was about to ask him of the maid but soon he got a call. When he saw the number he was smiling and immediately picked up the call. I got a time to stare at my own husband yeah....Mahira you're crazy!! Oh God! He was looking so damn hot in his crisp black suit. The way his lips curled up in a half smile...haye main mar gayi!! His eyes shone brightly making more prominent his grey eyes. His hair neatly gelled and styled...his scent..aahhh!!! Mahira enough..its creepy!!

I didn't notice when he came and was now standing and giving me his cell and the camera was switched on. I frowned not understanding what to do?? I guess he understood my confusion but when he spoke made me blush damn hard!!

"You do one thing click my picture and frame it..instead of staring away this way is much better!!" He said by raising his one eyebrow. I quickly gave his cell back and was so ashamed of myself that I was not able to look at him. Geez Mahira what is wrong with you?? You're behaving like a girl who can't get over her crush!!

After some seconds I heard slamming the door shut..but this time it was a main door. What is it with him and slamming the door!! But one thing was cleared that he wakes up at sharp Six and around Seven-Seven thirty he leaves. Okay!!!

Arhaan POV
I woke up at six and did my usual things. I was just wearing my suit when I thought that uptil now she hasn't asked about maid or anything regarding house. Careless girl!!

As I came down I was surprised to see her in the kitchen but at the same time I didn't wanted to see her face. Now my day will surely go bad!! I was going to make myself a cup of coffee when she decided to leave her trance of imagination and concentrate on me. Wao!!!"Assalamualikum...please leave it. I'll make it for you." She asked me. How dare she???"Listen keep on remembering your crush and fanning yourself. Stay away from me and my life!!" I told her.

She frowned and was about to say something but she never said anything. I took my mug and went to sit on the dining table. I was half way to my drink when my cell suddenly started blaring I saw and quickly my sour mood changed into a happy one because my Laiba was calling me!! I was so happy.

She asked me to meet her I told her I'll be there at her place at sharp seven and we'll have dinner. She was okay with it. When I was about to end the call I saw that girl was openly staring at me. She has the audacity to stare at me openly!! Disgusting. What is it with her and staring at me?? I mean I know I'm smart and handsome but still atleast maintain some standards...woah I'm talking about whom?? She and standards are poles apart!!

I quickly gave her my cell and switched on my camera she was confused."You do one thing click my picture and frame it..instead of staring away this way is much better!!" I told her by raising one eyebrow. She quickly gave me back and was blushing very hard. God this girl is crazy!!! I just went away.

After reaching office I was drowned in my work. I had lots of work today. I skipped my lunch. I wanted to finish my work as fast as I can. And yes I finished it. Leena had already booked a table for us. I left the office at Six in the evening. Dot Seven I was standing outside her apartment. She came down after ten minutes. She was looking gorgeous as always. She was wearing jeans and a sleevless top. Her hair was curled. I didn't liked the top but I decided that I'll not say anything now. I gave her the bouquet and in return she kissed me.

We were at the restaurant. "What is all this Arhaan?? This marriage?? You love me right?? Then how can you marry someone else??" She asked. "I love you Laiba and only you..I was forced into this marriage" I told her by taking her hand in my hand. "Yeah right! You're Six year old boy who can not speak for himself" she took away her hand back. She was angry. I was expecting this only.

"How to make you believe me I tried every way to say no to this marriage but my own dad threatened me if I don't marry her he would have not given me this company and would have disowned me from every thing. You wont believe he even made sure that if I rejected his wealth and everything still he will make sure that I don't get job or I fail in starting my own business. Can you imagine??" Just for this I had to marry her. Laiba was shocked to hear this.

"Oh no understand. Don't worry I am with you but promise me you'll not live with her in the same room" she asked me by pouting a little. "Of course baby why would we be in the same room I might have married her but don't love her and never will you don't worry so what if I married her but I'll make her life a living hell she'll be the one begging me for divorce." I assured her. And then she gave me a hug.

We ate our dinner by talking of here and there. I was happy that she understood me and loved me the same way. After dinner we went to the club. There we drank and dance. I was enjoying with her alot. No matter how much time we spend with each other I couldn't get enough of her. She is my drug to whom I am addicted. Soon she pulled me close and we kissed. I loved her alot. No one can come in between us not even that Girl!!!

I don't know what time it was but it was late. I dropped Laiba at her home and went to my home. I reached home late.

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