Chapter 42

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Saniya POV
Yeahhhh!!! Finally I got the internship..I'm soo happyyyyyyyy..I'm jumping around like a kangaroo. I practically have given up all my strength just to be a part of this company!!God this is one of the top most company of New York. Well obviously jij's company was at the top..but you can't say that this company is at second position. Hell!! They both share an equal position..and yet they are not's that even possible???

I was still smiling like a lunatic as I re read the letter that has been send by the "R.A. Co & PVT. LTD". But I was a little upset that I haven't met the boss of the company once also. But soon, I shrugged away the sadness and told myself that after three days I'll be seeing him regularly. Ri will be so happy to hear about this. I'm so excited for this new job...It's celebration time. Yipiieee...I quickly called Ri.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......" I shouted at top of my lungs.

"Assalamualaikum Sani" she said sarcastically.

"Walekumasalam" I said sheepishly.

"Now tell me what's the reason behind your ugly smile??" She asked and I glared at her even though she can't see it."Stop glaring Ri" she said. I laughed.

"Guess" I said.

"Umm..wait!! I got got the internship...Right???" Now she shouted as she said.

"Yessssssssss...." I also joined her in shouting. If somebody will see us now they'll surely think that we have ran out from the mental hospital.

"Oh my God...Oh my God...I still can't digest this Sani..I'm so so happy for you. Mabrook Mabrook" she said.

"JazakAllahu Khair..and yeah I'm giving you all a treat so that I can receive gifts in return from you all" I started laughing loudly.

"Oh please!! Don't keep any hopes from me. I won't be giving any present" she said...and I pouted and yes even though she can't see it.
"You know na you don't look good when you pout???" She said and started laughing. Did she just insulted me???

"Ri...I swear I'll not leave you when I'll meet you today at eight" I ordered.

" are so bossy sometime" she complained.

"But still you love me" I said and she chuckled. "Okay fine now I'm hanging up..and yeah I'll text you the address and yes bring your sexy hubby and my hot headed jij with you and yeah I'll also invite Rehan. Okay bye.." I said all in one breath and ended the call.

After taking many deep breaths and calming down my nerves I finally got some courage to call Rehan. I don't know why but whenever I see him, he's the only person I feel like to see. And when he talks, I only love to hear him. I know I'm getting mushy but dude he's definitely hot. How come he's not married yet??

I know he's not that type so he will definitely get married rather making some bimbo his girlfriend. Wait!!! Did I sound jealous??? I hope I didn't...Without wasting any more time I quickly called Rehan and he picked it up after three rings.

"Assalamualaikum" he spoke in his dark husky voice. And suddenly I started feeling hot!!! Geezz...get a grip Sani!!

"Saniya???" He asked again. And I quickly came back to reality and slapped my forehead for my dumbness.

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