Chapter 24

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"Mahiraaaaaaaa" he shouted from his room. Uhh..what is it with him that he's shouting. I had left the pills on the bed's side table..then why is he calling?? As it is my stomach is paining due to my monthly cycle and now he!!!

"What??" I shouted from downstairs. I was in no mood in going up. I didn't got any response so I proceeded in making breakfast.

"Well..don't you think that you forgot one of your duties today??" He said as he was leaning on the fridge. I gasped!!

" scared me!!" I was calming myself down. He narrowed his eyes. "I didn't forget any of my duties.."

" did"

"Then please remind me what I actually missed" I replied with a poker face. Mind you when I'm having this...I'm usually in a bad mood for the whole week.

"You didn't woke me up for Namaz thing??" He raised one of his eyebrows at me. Damn!! Didn't he was drunk last night..he should be sleeping peacefully rather than waking up. Uhhhh...!! I did woke up for fajr but that time only I came to know and then I went to sleep back. Stupid me!! I should have woken him up like normally. But this I can't tell him.

"Come back to New York Mahira" he clicked his fingers snapping me out of my daze!! Rude..

"I am in New York and Namaz is not a thing it's a compulsion...and yes I did wake you up...but you were sleeping away like a horse!!" I replied concentrating on the color of the tiles that was put in the kitchen..

"What me as a horse??" He asked shocked. "Yes..why are you shocked?? No one told you before?? Don't you know!!" I winked.

"Hahaha..very funny"

"For you"

"You didn't woke me up because today I got a call from my delegates and when I ended the was past your time when you usually come to my room and wake me up by disturbing my sleep by shouting!!..and yes I did go to your room to annoy you but you were sleeping like a monkey" he said all in one breath pointing his finger at me.

"What me monkey???" I threw the coffee mixture at him. He was shocked. I know the outcome will be very bad. Yesterday sprite and today coffee...he was glaring.

He quickly caught my hand and pinned it towards the side...I was wiggling. "What is it with you and throwing??" He asked.

"Why did you call me monkey??"

"I never called you I just said you sleep like a monkey!!"

"Both are same"

"'s not"

"It is....aaahhhh leave me it's hurting!!" I half shouted...yes my stomach was hurting but I couldn't tell him. He quickly left my hand and was examining me. I gave him my weird look.

"Why are you in such a foul mood today??" He asked crossing his arms. "Because you're irritating me" I said as a matter of fact. He rolled his eyes "Com'on I do this everyday.." He said. I hissed my teeth.

"Arhaan as it is I'm not well please stop irritating me!!" I requested him.

"Not well..wait..what happened?? Should I called the doc...damn..I'm calling right now" he started taking out his cell from his pocket.

" is alright..just the stomach pain...that's just happens!!" I said. He was looking straight at me. I just hate this look of him it always means that he's upto something.

"Stomach pain?? Foul mood?? Happens normal??Didn't woke me up and you were sleeping which is rare Means...." His eyes were big as saucers!! Damn...he understood..why Arhaan why?? Why can't you mind your own business?? I could feel my cheeks turning red...I was looking down.

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