Chapter 50

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It has been a week now, since I had seen Arhaan or heard him. I want to talk to him, listen to him, but everytime I try to contact him something or the other just comes up.

"Mommy rweady??" Shezan asked.

"Yes and you?"

"Me too"

"Then let's go" I said.

"Daddy?" He asked.

"He'll come directly from the office" I said and held his hand. Today we both are going for shopping. We got inside the car and Shezan started playing his video game. And my thoughts again went back to Arhaan.

Ashar is continuously telling me to contact him and talk to him. I looked at my watch and it was twelve thirty, immediately I decided to call him. I quickly took out my cell from my pocket and dialed his number. My heart hammering in my chest. After five long years I've called him.

I waited for him to pick up but instead I heard a computerized voice saying the number you've dialed is not reachable. Please try after sometime. And I did tried again and again but his cell was unreachable.

I kept on calling him and we reached the mall. I sighed and kept away my cell.

"Mommy, we are hwere. I want toys, ice crweam, everything." Shezan said excitedly.

"We'll see what we need to buy. Okay??" I said sternly.

"Owkay" he pouted

And from that time we went to each and every shop. Ashar also came and now he was also bored of shopping. I bought myself a couple of t-shirts, dresses, hijab and many more things. Shezan also brought many things and now Ashar is carrying all our bags.

"I'm bored and tired and hungry. Lets eat something, please" he literally begged. We both laughed and said okay. We then walked towards the food court.

"So you both sit down, I'll go and get something to eat." He said dumping all the bags down on the floor.

"Daddy, I'll come with you" Shezan actually said clearly without fumbling after so many days. We both looked at each other and he smiled. They both then went away.

Shezan is five years old and still he fumbles, the doctor said that he'll take time to speak clearly. I again took out my cell phone and called him but still not reachable. Where is he??

"Mahira" someone called me from behind.

"Rehan" I said and smiled.

"Alone?" He asked looking around.

"Nah...with Ashar and Shezan, they've gone to give the order" I said


"Sit down" I told him and he sat down.

"How are you?" He asked

"I'm good and you?"


"You alone?" I asked looking around, hoping to see him.

"If you're thinking that Arhaan is here with me, then let me tell you I'm alone. He's busy" he said hiding his smile. And I glared

"Oh please!! I'm not looking around for him" I said and shrugged.

"Tsk tsk....well have you both talked?" He asked.

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