Chapter Twenty

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"Wait, so you're telling me your dad just gave me half of the company," I say and almost couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. I can't be the CEO of a company that doesn't belong to me. Spencer deserves this. I don't.

"I was shocked too. I mean I know my father loved you, but I never thought he would give the company to you. Well, let you share it," Spencer whispers.

"Well, I think the right thing is to sign it over to you. I honestly don't want to run this company. I saw how it tore you and me apart," I trail off.

"Brooklyn..." Spencer is cut off when the bell on the door rings.

Liam's smile greets me and I hesitantly smile back. We have been caught red-handed. All he knows is Spencer is a friend, but I swear if Spencer says something.

"Is this seat taken?" Liam asks.

Spencer waves a hand signaling he can sit down.

"So, this must be your friend," Liam's jaw tenses. I can tell he is jealous.

"Spencer King," Spencer introduces himself and holds out a hand.

Liam shakes it and turns to me. "Are you free tonight?"

"Yes," I smile.

"Good," he says then pecks my lips.

The kiss is hostile and no feelings are put into it. I don't like it.

"So, Spencer. What do you do for a living?" Liam asks.

"I run a multi-million dollar company," Spencer says with a smirk.

A hand is put onto my thigh and I stiffen. The bastard is enjoying watching me squirm.

"How do you two know each other?" Liam questions.

"We-" I am cut off with Spencer's voice.

"We used to go to College with each other and dated for a while," Spencer answers honestly.

My face drains of color as Liam looks over with fury. I never really had the ex-boyfriend conversation and Spencer has never come up in a conversation. The tension in the air is palpable as Spencer and Liam have a stare off.

"So, isn't this just a beautiful April day?" I smile trying to relieve the tension.

"Let's get going," Liam says in an angry voice and grabs my wrist.

He doesn't even give me a chance to answer before we are out the doors and in his car.

"I'm not a dog you can pull on a leach!" I yell.

"Why are you talking to your ex!" He shouts.

"Really? This whole thing is about Spencer? We dated two years ago. Get over it. We are friends!" I huff and the car goes quiet.

"I don't want you to see him anymore," Liam whispers as we pull into my driveway.

I immediately get out of the car and so does Liam. I can't even believe he is doing this right now. I'm not five years old. I can do what I want.

"Leave!" I yell. "You don't get to tell me what to do so just leave. Goodnight Liam," I say before walking into my house.

I wait until I hear a car starting and then the faint sound of it driving away to look and see if he is gone. I'm fuming by this point and don't even register what I was doing. Before I know it I'm knocking on a familiar apartment door.

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